Did you see a coyote? Report what you saw.

By Staff

September 15th, 2022



When you see the coyote – report what you saw.

It was made very clear during the Council Standing Committee yesterday that Animal Control know where the coyotes are wandering about is important information

The help the public with this important information gathering the city has created a form that can be filled in.

That form can be accessed by clicking HERE.

You can also call Animal Control – Burlington Animal Services at 905-335-3030.

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2 comments to Did you see a coyote? Report what you saw.

  • Penny Hersh

    Tim, please remember not to use the WHISTLE. The wildlife expert delegated that because coyotes are being fed by people and because when these people leave they honk their horns or whistle, coyotes now associate that the noise indicates food.

  • This is great to know, as my wife, Catherine and I, are going to start walking in the morning to see if we can spot and report any. Thank you Council Standing Committee!