Directors of non profit organizations need to be properly trained

By Pepper Parr

October 11th, 2022


The number of really bad boards of Non Profit organizations in the city is disturbing.

Far too many of the boards don’t know what Board of Director responsibility are and make foolish mistakes.

Community Development Halton(CDH) has had its share of Board of Director problems where people were really not fit for the job and the responsibility involved.
CDH has taken a step to help resolve the problem.

They are sponsoring a 90 minute Zoom course on being a Director of a Non profit organization.  Roll the cursor over the type to enlarge it for reading

The granting agencies, municipalities, Trillium, Halton Region, United Way – should make it a requirement that every director appointed has taken the course and passed a written exam.

When non profit boards are advertising for volunteers having taken a course should be a prerequisite – and don’t accept that they will take the course later – they seldom do.

Making training a prerequisite is saying that the organization is serious and wants only people that are serious and have been properly trained.


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1 comment to Directors of non profit organizations need to be properly trained

  • Anne-Marie Tywonek

    Thanks Mr. Parr. You are correct. This is an important role which one cannot fly by the seat of their ‘pants’ to do it justice. 🙂