Early peek at the results of the readership survey

By Pepper Parr

March 9th, 2023



We are currently running a readership survey.

Set out below are some of the early results. They are not up to date.

The survey will end on March 15th – at that time we will have a more complete picture.

Is city council delivering on the promise?

We have known for some time that people are not all that happy with this Council. This data supports our understanding.

Are people pleased with the re-built Brant Museum?

These are not good numbers for the Museum leadership. They might want to know what people expect of the museum.

Is city council the right size?  It currently has seven members.

The numbers are pretty evenly split. It will be interesting to determine which wards the votes came from.


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1 comment to Early peek at the results of the readership survey

  • Jim Thomson

    I’m not happy with how the council is performing, but they are performing as expected.

    Four years on the job(12 for the Mayor) and they still don’t know the Procedures Bylaw.