Eight teenage girls charged with second degree murder

By Staff

December 20th, 2022



If we didn’t think we are a society in serious trouble – think again.

Headline in a Toronto newspaper.

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9 comments to Eight teenage girls charged with second degree murder

  • Stephen White

    These tragic events are becoming all too typical of our society in which you get what you reward. These are the inevitable outcomes of a culture where everything is relative, there are no absolutes, where people are encouraged to think of themselves as “victims” (i.e. victim of abuse; victim of mental illness; victim of oppression; victim of discrimination; etc.), and where accountability is never a consideration.

    Anyone who has had any interaction with the criminal justice system in the last ten years realizes it is both a revolving door and a joke. Recidivism is the norm. There are no consequences for bad or illegal behaviour. The penalties meted out to perpetrators of crimes range from the incidental (i.e. minor fines) to the silly (i.e. community service). Moreover, there is no serious incentive for change because those who benefit from it the most (i.e. lifetime criminals; lawyers) extract substantial remuneration in the form of sinecures, exorbitant fees and repeat offences with no dire ramifications.

  • Allan H

    Why were 13, 14 &16 year old KIDS allowed to roam the streets after midnight….I would like to know? Are parents possibly losing control of their KIDS of that young age? It seems to me parenting ain’t what it used to be. But perhaps I’m being too old fashioned?

  • Ted Gamble

    May I suggest that based on what I have read that much of the current serious criminal activity we see in Burlington and surrounding communities is not “home grown”.
    Why is it that so many politically correct Canadians live in denial about many of todays sources of crime? Keep clutching to those thoughts as your sport rifles are confiscated, your free speech is censored and your ICE vehicles are outlawed. (disclosure I do not have any fire arms license)

  • Penny Hersh

    The age of these girls prevents them from being identified, and also receiving the sentences they should get. Some people will say that they are young, and deserve a second chance, and I agree. However this needs to come with appropriate education, therapy, and conditions that include some sort of work component.

    I have always thought young offender’s should not get an easy pass. Perhaps, if they knew there would be real consequences to their actions they would think a lot differently before they acted.

    These 8 girls only knew each other through social media. This was the first time they had met in person. According to the news they stabbed this man because he refused to give them the alcohol, he and his friend were drinking.

    Yes, we can say that they might have come from troubled backgrounds. That may explain their behaviour but does not excuse their actions,

    Many others come from homes where there are major issues and they don’t go out and stab a man to death.

    Let’s hope that these 8 girls don’t end up in the same institution. That’s the last thing society needs.

    • Ted Gamble

      Penny your comments are for the most part pure supposition. As they are minors nothing is known r will be formally released about these monsters, their background, issues if any. Mayor John Tory has not even dared to comment or make reference to this heinous murder. Toronto has fallen and Mr. White as usual has nailed it. Hopefully the leader(s) can be tried as adults.

  • Alfred

    Anyone opposed to the death penalty in this case? While not all violent crimes can be deterred. The death penalty could have resulted in these suspects giving a sober 2nd thought to what their actions might rain down on them. None of them will serve more than 5 years in jail for killing a human being. I can, with full assurance predict one of these supects will be released and at some point hurt or kill another person again.

    What is wrong with us???

    • EdwGamble

      It has been reported that these animals swarmed another individual before ruthlessly killing this homeless man. Does that not show intent? It begs the question why have they been so quickly charged and with second degree murder rather than first degree?
      Alfred I sat as a juror on a murder trial many years ago. While I favour capital punishment in certain cases, realize that some folks that might end up sitting on a jury have difficulty deciding what shirt to wear much never mind establishing innocence vs guilt. The judge will also charge the jury that they do not pass sentence. Some jurors would see themselves as a potential executioner. I left convinced we would see fewer convictions if a death penalty was broadly used. I believe sentences though must be fully served in many cases.

    • Perryb

      Who knows what motivated these children to gather together to kill someone? Highly unlikely a death penalty would have made any difference. Somehow, with or without their parents knowledge, this group somehow festered in plain sight. That should be the first stop in the investigation. Also the smug concept that we could wall ourselves off from all troubles in Toronto avoids realizing that in Burlington we have had (and probably still have) our own share of criminal activity, including sex trafficking, cyber crime, drug trafficking, theft rings, and more.

  • Ted Gamble

    I don’t think one can necessarily project what’s happening in Toronto with Canadian society as a whole. It might be wise to erect a fence around Toronto to keep the contagion from spreading any more than it already has. Root causes anyone?