Enhanced city wide windrow removal program could be in place for next winter

By Staff

April 19th, 2023


As we pull away from winter and manage to get through spring to begin enjoying summer city council on Tuesday approved directions to the Director of Roads, Parks and Forestry to explore costs and options for enhanced city wide windrow removal program, including:

Windrows: The bane of hundreds of residents who clear their driveway and sidewalk.

– Revised cost and criteria in the existing Windrow Clearing Program

– Increase the program from the current maximum of 200 homes to minimum 500

Report to Environment Infrastructure & Community Services Committee with costs, options (including those ruled out) and any recommendations by Q3 2023 in advance of 2024 budget deliberations.

If they can keep to the schedule residents might see better service when the snow falls next.

And given climate change we never know just when that will happen next/

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