Expect several members of Council to be at the Clerk's Office early next week

By Staff

April 26th, 2022



The nomination period for individuals who would like to run as a candidate in Burlington’s 2022 Municipal Election will open at 8:30 a.m. on May 2 and run until 2 p.m. on Aug. 19, 2022. Nomination papers can be filed by appointment only. Voting for the election takes place between Oct. 11 – 24, 2022.

Starting May 2, nominations will be accepted for the offices of:

  • Mayor
  • Councillors (local and regional)
  • Trustee, Halton District School Board
  • Trustee, Halton Catholic District School Board

Katherine Henshell, first candidate to file nomination papers in 2010 tries out a seat in the Council Chamber and thinks she likes the look of her name on the name plate.

Nominations may be filed at City Hall at 426 Brant St., with the Office of the City Clerk, located on the main floor, during regular business hours (Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.). On the last day of the nomination period, Aug. 19, 2022, nominations may be filed between the hours of 9 a.m. and 2 p.m.

Filing a nomination
Nomination papers can be filed by appointment only. Please call 905-335-7777, ext. 7805 or email clerks@burlington.ca to arrange a time.

Husband Pete Ward was on hand in 2010 to photograph Marianne Meed Ward as she filed her nomination papers.. No picture taking like this will be permitted this time around.

The forms required to file a nomination are available in the Office of the City Clerk on the main floor of City Hall at 426 Brant St. and on myvoteburlington.ca. The following must be provided at the time of submitting a nomination:

  • Nomination Paper (Form 1)
  • Endorsement of Nomination (Form 2) – required for nominations for an office on council only. A nomination for an office on council must be endorsed by at least 25 persons. A prescribed declaration is required by each of the persons endorsing a nomination.
  • Filing fee – in cash, certified cheque, money order (payable to the City of Burlington), MasterCard or VISA. The fee for the office of mayor is $200 and $100 for all other offices.
  • Candidate identification (driver’s license or another government-issued photo identification)
  • Proof of citizenship (Canadian passport, citizenship, or another government-issued identification).

Also starting May 2, nominations will open for the offices of:


Quick Facts

  • To run in the October municipal election, candidates must:
  • be a Canadian citizen
  • be at least 18 years old
  • live in Burlington (own or rent), or
  • not live in Burlington, but you or your spouse own or rent property in the city.
  • The City of Burlington is hosting a series of virtual information sessions for individuals who are interested in running as a candidate in the City’s 2022 municipal election at 7 p.m. on April 27, May 10 and June 23. Learn more and register for these free events at myvoteburlington.ca.
  • A person cannot begin campaigning until their nomination papers are filed.
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6 comments to Expect several members of Council to be at the Clerk’s Office early next week

  • Hi Mozelle, we wondered if you had heard about this! “Ontario judge presided over Toronto-area court cases from the Caribbean“ a CBC headline after reporter confirmed with Chief Justice that the Central West Senior Justice (Halton/Burlington Court District) Ricchetti had given permission for this to occur at the same time as all judges had been requested not to travel in obeyance with stay at home health requirements. Evidently she was running zoom court hearings from her Caribbean holiday resort! The Senior Regional Justice did eventually put an end to it! The pandemic is not to blame for what happened, poor leadership is. Sadly one will naturally think what else is going on in our Courts of Justice and city councils that we don’t hear about. Our trusted leadership (from the 2018 vote) continues to deny us our right to delegate from the lectern and appointments have to be made and forms obtained yourself if you wish to run in the upcoming election. There are some good candidates out there who may well give up, before they are allowed to appear as a delegate which is where we normally spot good candidates that we would like to see elected. Municipal elections are all about name and face recognition, something our Council members are all aware of when making the rules on delegations at this time!

  • Anne has probably registered in more municipal elections for Burlington than any other person filing nominations papers this year. We both completed an audit of the Burlington 2014 Burlington process that identified multiple deficiencies in the process. The current city auditor was a member of the Audit Committee at that time. The Audit was introduced and accepted for presentation to the next (February, 2017) Burlington Audit Committee meeting in December, 2016 and our comments to Council on the deficiencies in the Audit Committee Report to the December, 2016 Council meeting were clearly placed on the web cast recording. Both meetings are currently available on the City Meeting and Agenda page.

    With technology advances growing exponentially participating in the democratic process is supposed to get easier. The legislation, as well, requires the needs of accommodation for those with disabilities to be given the appropriate attention.

    Anne wished to have her 2022 nomination paper filed for Mayor on nomination opening day. Prior to 2018 she simply would have gone to the Clerk`s office and picked up a candidate package. She would then have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s to make sure she had everything she needed including a separate election bank account and then went back to the Clerk’s Office and filed her nomination paper. Last year the Nomination Endorsement Form was introduced requiring a minimum of 25 endorsements which she ensured she had prior to registering at the Region in 2018 as she had chosen to run for the position of Halton Chair.

    This year things are different. First an appointment has to be made to register. Second you have to take in your completed which includes commissioned nomination form and completed (minimum 25 signatures) Endorsement Form. The only place to get the forms according to the city contact promoted in the Gazette is from the government web site and there the difficulties begin for those who either do not have a computer or for whatever reason have difficulty downloading the forms.

    We have a computer but were unable to download the required forms. We went to our very helpful local MPP constituency staff to download ours, yes we said ours maybe just to stir up a little curiosity as to whether another Marsden may run, as we were unable to download them. So did the MPP’s office at first and we know they have a top notch system, or should have. We only asked for two copies of the endorsement form believing we could photo copy as we did last election. However, found out this year the endorsements are numbered so we only have the means to collect 5 endorsements and must go back to our MPP’s office to get the rest of the pages of the endorsement form and a Nomination form given the city instructions are to have them both complete when you arrive for your appointment you now have to make.

    Participating in the democratic process is supposed to be easier. If it is much more difficult for veterans like Anne what about the newbies with their approach to democracy that we always need in our democractic processes. Our dream of Anne for the first time registering on the first day Nominations opened, has, of course gone by the wayside. It will get done when it gets done! The challenge of the job we believe she meets will be published as soon as she successfully files for nomination for Mayor of Burlington.

  • Elan

    Agree. Absentee candidates would face a challenge getting elected, (unless it is for Ward 1, where the current Coucillor has made a grand total of 2 motions in 4 years). CertainCity Councillors want Council members and, particularly, citizen delegations to be in person, now that mandates have been lifted. Unfortunately, several Councillors refuse to attend in-person public forums (NIssan and Galbraith), and they and MMW continue to refuse the public will to have the option to delegate in person. Democracy at work in Burlington under MMW.

  • Alfred


    Theoretically yes. Their only obstacle would be getting elected. Would you vote for them? If the answer is no. The only problem would be if others choose to vote for them. Perhaps because of their great mind charisma and talent they possess.These people would have to be exceptional, but they do exist. I would choose them over an incompetent councilor that lives in City Hall. You are aware that most City employees are working remotely… Really!!!

  • Mozelle Cole

    I’m stuck on the fact that one could live elsewhere and be on council… Really!!!
    So I could be a Canadian citizen, living in Dubai, own a condo in my building and operate the management of Burlington remotely?
    Someone please fill me in. Thank you.