Fascinating shot of an eagle in full flight

By Pepper Parr

August 3rd, 2023



Russ Campbell in recuperation mode.

Russ Campbell who is recuperating at home from some serious surgery that kept him in hospital longer than he expected put a great photograph on his Facebook page.

We are sharing that with you.  The shot was done by Peter Burian, a retired insurance claims adjuster who was taking part in a half day Birds in Flight workshop near Simcoe, ON; in controlled conditions.

Picture was taken with   D800, AFS 200-400mm VR 2, ISO 1000, f/4 at 1/2500 sec

Patience , timing and a steady hand get photographs like this.

The real photographers out there will understand the lingo.

You can find Peter K Burian on Facebook – where he keeps a lot of outstanding examples of what good photography is all about.


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