Federal Court rules against Federal Cabinet approval of CN truck-rail hub

By Staff

March 2nd, 2024



A break that municipalities seldom get the Federal Court of Canada ruled in favour of the Halton Municipalities with respect to CN’s proposed truck-rail facility in the Town of Milton. The Court found that the decisions of the Federal Minister and Cabinet failed to fulfill their duty to protect human health.

On March 1st, “The Court noted Federal Cabinet’s decision was flawed and unreasonable,” said Halton Regional Chair Gary Carr. “Our concerns about the health and safety of our residents have been heard loud and clear and we are very pleased with the Court’s decision.”

The hub would handle thousands of containers on a 24/7 basis.

The project cannot now proceed without going back to the Federal government for reconsideration, including a full evaluation of the effects of the project.

Orange is the hub foot print, red is the impact area.

“This has been a long battle to protect the health of our residents,” said Milton Mayor Gordon Krantz. “We are delighted that our concerns have been heard.”

In 2020, the Environmental Review Panel found that CN’s proposed truck-rail facility in Milton would have significant adverse effects on the health of Halton residents.

This is the only project ever subject to a federal environmental panel review found likely to cause significant adverse effects on human health. There are also additional concerns about safety due to the potential for increased traffic. The project site is located within one kilometer of more than 34,000 residents, one hospital, 12 schools, and two long-term care homes.

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1 comment to Federal Court rules against Federal Cabinet approval of CN truck-rail hub

  • Michael Hribljan

    Congrats to the team who fought this!

    One more failure of our Liberal government, I can not imagine the millions of tax dollars spent on this one. Note recently that a Federal Judge ruled the invocation of the Emergencies Act unconstitutional and illegal (the mainstream media likes to ignore this part of the ruling and only report it was “unreasonable”). Tax payers will likely foot the bill for the claims that are now mounting against the federal government.

    Last year the Supreme Court ruled that the Liberal’s Environmental Impact legislation (Bill C69) was also unconstitutional – more wasted tax dollars.

    I expect the new online harms bill will see the same fate if passed, there is so much in that bill that flies in the face of our Constitution. (See the 1 hour plus deep dive/page-turn by Rebel News).

    I can only hope this non-sense ends soon, but lets not forget to celebrate this win!