Feedback from the readership matters - we can't change what we don't know needs changing

By Pepper Parr

Match 11th, 2023



The city does a lot of surveys.  At any given time there can be two or three going on at the same time.  One occasion the city will extend a survey; usually because there aren’t enough responses for the survey to be valid.

The Gazette tries to survey at least once a year.  The current survey will close on March 15th; if you have don’t done the survey – it isn’t very long, please take a moment to do it now.

It helps us determine what we are doing right, what needs improvement and where we are getting it wrong.

The result at this point on several of the questions are interesting.

Pretty clear here – members of Council don’t quite see it this way. Heck they were all relected – they must be doing something right.

The size of city council is becoming a concern for those who pay attention to what happens at Council. Any change in the size of this Council would have a negative impact on some of the members of Council.

With two thirds of the respondents unhappy or disappointed – the Museum leadership should be reaching out to learn what the public wants.

Get Involved is the portion of the city web site where updates on different programs are saved. Very close to half the people who responded to the question don’t use it or don’t know it exists.

To complete the survey – please click HERE

There were some surprises – places where we realized we had to make some changes.

The survey will close on the 15th. If you haven’t done the survey – we would really appreicta your taking the time to help us direct where we need to improve.

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1 comment to Feedback from the readership matters – we can’t change what we don’t know needs changing

  • Blair Smith

    Your question on the size of City Council might have had a different response if you had clarified that the increased size of Council would not mean more $$ or not much more. It would involve the rationalization of function and not having the same 7 people double-dipping, filling both ward and regional duties.