Final property tax bills are in the mail: the increase over last year is more than 10%

By Pepper Parr

May 22nd, 2024



Have you opened the envelope from the city, the one with your property tax bill inside?

Recall that the Mayor has talked about the 7.52% tax increase.

To learn what the actual increase is you need to compare your final tax bill for last year and compare it with the final tax bill for this year, which you just got in the mail.

The City collects taxes for the school boards and the Regional government. This was the split for 2023-24 tax year.

The city issues interim tax bills and a final tax bill – which can be confusing.  There are many who think that that is the purpose of the interim bills.

The Gazette is working on a story that will use actual tax bills to illustrate how to determine what your tax increase actually is.

It is time for the city to improve how the public becomes aware of just how much the city portion of  the tax bill is.

The city collects taxes on behalf of the School boards and the Region – which is a sound business practice.

Explaining the intricacies of a tax bill is where the improvements are needed.

When the city decides who the next city treasurer is going to be that might be one of the items in their mandate letters.

Based on the early research done – it appears that the tax increase is going to be just over 10%


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7 comments to Final property tax bills are in the mail: the increase over last year is more than 10%

  • Tom Muir

    The present mayor has done this consistently, and too many times all told. That’s xxxxx to me after the first time, with a repeat being called out.

    It just keeps going on again this time, as Mayor Meed Ward just can’t help herself. It once again doesn’t say much for her self-serving faulty judgment, which has been on full display for the last year plus.

    Past mayors can be xxxxx too. It’s too many times for citizens to spend the time to count, especially when and if the xxxxx just keeps flowing. Councilors can xxx about these taxes too – “transparent and accountable?” – so more work to do.

    I spoke to this matter last tax year, and some years before, with other people, but here the issue is back again. Can somebody else search for xxxxx of the year for the last 10 years. Let’s get a period of record, and ask the finance staff for help.

    Let’s try to be fair to the others with the guilt.

    Let’s give them a “Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire” award every year.

    Editor’s note: We were served with a notice that our using certain words could jeopardize our accreditation. Thus all the xxx’s in the above.

  • Allan H

    Yup….10.21% it is, Nothing like a little deception ..huh? As pointed out here, they have to do better job at transparency which seems to be lacking on a few fronts.

  • Perry Bowker

    This wasn’t too hard. My total taxes were up by 6.55%. Made up of education (public) 0%, Region 3.05%, Police 7.60%, and Municipal 10.21%. I am sure there is a way to spin these numbers so that you get any result you like.

    Editor’s note: Yes numbers can be spun to get the impression you want – but there is no denying that 10.21 is more than 7.52 which is the number the Mayor trots around.

    A number that does need more attention is the 7.60% the police seem to need.

  • Clive Thomas

    Hey….with all the fireman making over 100k a year for part time work,
    Someone’s gotta pay for these perks and luxuries

  • Blair Smith

    It’s Official” …. The Mayor and Council obscure the fact that they have depended on blended Regional and Education taxes in order to bring in an overall 2024 property tax increase of 7.52%. Their portion of the 2024 property tax has actually increased by 10.21% over 2023.

  • Joe Gaetan

    I do believe stating publicly that the tax hike will be 7.52% when it is actually 10.21 % is called “misinformation” or maybe lying or perhaps a statement made out of pure ignorance of financial matters. Take your pick.

  • Town Crier (and weeping buckets)

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye

    This is an important notice to all Burlington Taxpayers. The amount that your 2024 property taxes have increased because of increases by the City of Burlington is 10.21% not 7.52%.

    If any City Official has claimed that the City increase is only 7.52% then they have miscommunicated. If they were in a position in which they knew or should have known the actual increase (2024 over 2023), then they have deliberately misled.

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