Fletcher delegates - puts population numbers and income data on the table

By Pepper Parr

November 23rd, 2023



Wendy Fletcher finally got to address City Council.

She used a lot of number which Councillor Bentivegna asked to have sent to him: “I’m better with a piece of paper in front of me”

“The average income in Burlington is not as high as council believes. According to the 2021 Census by Stats Canada, there are only 17,355 people earning over 100K and 22,750 in the 60-100K range. That’s only 40,105 residents earning over 60K and some rent.  There are 40,000 seniors and most probably not making over 60K. Further, the average income was determined to be 42K, which is less than the Ontario average of 56-60K.

“Putting undue financial strain on taxpayers two years in a row to have money in the bank for an increase in assets that occurred from the stroke of a pen is not taking the taxpayers appetite for risk or willingness to pay, into consideration. Reassessment of the assets wasn’t required until 2028 making this premature. Robust support was directed to the DIR fund in 2023. While further funding would always be nice, it isn’t a necessity and its not supported by the economics which have changed considerably since the May report. This is a nice to have, not a need to have. By exercising some patience for interest rates and inflation to drop, and scrapping this tax increase for 2024, it would drop the current budget by 0.97%.

Doing so would say to taxpayers that this council is hearing them.

There wasn’t very much in the way of follow up questions from members of Council.

Fletcher had more to say – we will cover that in the days ahead

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1 comment to Fletcher delegates – puts population numbers and income data on the table

  • Elan

    Question to Councillor Bentigvenia, among actual homeowners, what is the average household salary? Excluding renters (with no wealth and no property tax obligations). Appreciate your help on this.

    Editor’s note: Whatever made you think renters don’t pay property tax? It is built into their rent.