Former reporter and now author likes the idea of the Ticats coming to Burlington

What it cries out for today is some reaction on both sides of the coin, of the revived interest in Aldershot as a new home for the Ticats. Its location is perfect in terms of visibility, parking and transportation, but it removes this fabled football team from within the confines of the City of Hamilton. (That said, someone pointed out that the Buffalo Bills don’t play within Buffalo-proper.)

I can’t imagine this will be totally free of tax implications or infrastructure costs for the good burghers of Burlington. That said, the positive elements, (new employment opportunities, another attraction for Burlington as an employment mecca, new tax income etc.) may well balance out the negative implications.

It’s an issue with huge ramifications for Burlington at a time when other projects like the Performing Arts Centre and the pier stand out as large tax-consuming items.

I also wouldn’t be surprised if the mere mention of Aldershot as a stadium site is enough to make Hamilton’s council reconsider Confederation Park as a site — just to keep it in “The Hammer.”

Seems to me, Hamilton Mayor Bob Bratina is in a win-win situation: he can blame the whole stadium mess on the previous council and if it goes to Aldershot, Hamilton can focus its heritage funds on other, more appropriate projects that will help that city in its renaissance efforts. 

This is the big end-of-2010 story for Burlington!

Site looks great. Nice balance of stories and a light, bright, tight writing style.

Ron Dennis

Editors note”  Ron is a drinking buddy and we published a review of his recent book: Adventures in Shroomville: the mystery of Hedgehog Hill, so he might be just a little prejudiced – but we don’t mind.

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