Foxcroft on the LeBron James achievement: 'This is what champions are made of'

By Pepper Parr

February 10th, 2023



Kareem Abdul-Jabbar passes a basket ball to LeBron James on the court after he claimed the points scored title at a game between the LA Lakers and the Oklahoma City Thunder.

When LeBron James set that astonishing basket ball record earlier this week we turned to Ron Foxcroft who knows the game well – he has been at it since his high school days when he worked high school basketball in 1963 in Burlington and Hamilton

He progressed to Canadian College then FIBA doing International basketball including the 1976 Gold Medal Olympic Game between USA and Yugoslavia.

He was the first Canadian to work Division 1 in the NCAA in 1977 until 2000. Worked the Sweet 16 in 1999.

Ron Foxcroft practising at a basketball court in his warehouse.

Foxcroft is currently working his 21st season with the NBA, first as an officials observer and currently as the replay and coaches challenge at the score table.

Foxcroft said he “Love it today, as much as the first time I took up officiating.

“It was difficult back in 1963 officiating with a Pea Whistle, but got better when I started using the world famous Fox 40 Pealess Whistle in 1987

Today he looks at the LeBron James record and is grateful for the opportunity to have played a role in a sport that has grown and is going to continue to grow.  I watched that game on TV and like everyone else I was watching a champion set another record.  And it isn’t over yet.”


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