Frapporti: bold action entails risk, the greatest risk we face is not the risk of action, it is the risk of inaction of missed opportunity

By Pepper Parr

March 4th, 2024



Lou Frapporti with Dave Pitblado talking to City Manager Tim Commisso – on the left King Paving Executive – the kind of meeting the Alinea people are going to miss.

He kissed every ring in the room and mentioned there was “the hint of a tear” in his eye on the news of City Manager Tim Comisso moving on to something a little less stressful.

Alinea spokesperson Lou Frapporti

“It’s a delight to be back with you today on behalf of Alinea delegating to comment on the presentation you’ll hear later from your Economic Development department on the city’s vision for what we are now at least temporarily calling the project at 1200 King road”, said Lou Frapporti.

“As you are keenly aware this will be the first public presentation relating to the project; the first the community will hear about the scope of the vision for King Road that we have been been engaged with you on for the past several years. It is a moment in what has been years of reflection, engagement, conversation and exploration on the subject of the remarkable potential.

Raw land that has been on hold for decades while the owners wait for the right time to begin development. Deer roamed the property, some farming was done, homeless people chose to call it home.

“The thoughtful development of this parcel of land presents engagement that began over three years ago at the Alinea corporate launch event which many of you attended, Where CEO Paul Paletta made the commitment to begin a new chapter in the company’s history  – moving beyond transactions to the building of relationships in the community, which are premised on first listening to you to better understand your priorities and vision for your community manifested through these lands.

That large rink has NHL written all over it.

“Having met with you and listened to you over the last several years, we have been particularly moved by Councillor Galbraith’s passionate championing of his constituents and their needs in this project. Councillor Sharman’s thought provoking suggestions regarding innovative approaches to fostering well-being and soliciting strategic partnerships. Councillor Nisan’s encouragement of our prioritizing sustainability in the development. Councillor Bentavegna’s engagement around the importance of anchoring sports and recreation in the effort. We have all benefited from the Mayor’s leadership not only here but regionally as well in urging rapid action in addressing the housing crisis.

“I’d also be remiss in not pointing out that we have greatly benefited from the thoughtful engagement of your staff at every level, whose effort and input has been invaluable today and will be critical in the future. Having benefited from a better understanding of your needs and vision it’s been our pleasure to begin recruiting and engaging leading partners here and abroad to assist in realizing the vision that we and you I believe share in relation to development of this parcel of land.

“Whether it is in the recruitment of post-secondary institutions or arena and recreational partners or to the engagement of thought leaders here and elsewhere in a variety of disciplines, all critical to the outcome will be presented later today. We have and will continue to have the very best organizations available and committed to you and this project as it moves forward.

“Work which collectively centers on a vision that demands our close collaboration, and ultimately nothing less than the best will be required of us. A quick look at this map explains why this is a massive blank canvas of land not only at the geographic heart of the city, but of the population and transportation epicenters of the most significant economic cluster in Canada, and the second most significant in North America. It’s a future city on a hill in its own right, that can advance a remarkable range of important outcomes, not only for those that live work, learn and play in this community or will in the future, but for the region as a whole.

The reach the development will have if the plans are actually met is significant. It is a bold move that will have many beginning to think about what it will mean to the socioeconomic make up of GTA West

“All of these and more outcomes and benefits will be pursued: they can and will be realized in our work together on this project. And with all of this in mind, I humbly submit that the moment demands that we stop to reflect on the sobering reality that we collectively face. In all of this. We really have just one shot to advance so many of the city’s priorities in the development of what is arguably the most significant greenfield site in the city.

“Are we going to capture it? It’s not an exaggeration to say that owing to the nature scale, location and quality of this and other development assets in the community. This council, staff  have it in their power to materially transform this community in almost unimaginable ways at an unprecedented pace.

“With a remarkable in growing list of aligned stakeholders, almost all the decision makers necessary to determine these outcomes are in the room looking at each other today.

“That said, the history of development is replete with examples of squandered opportunities, crushing incrementalism, short sighted thinking parochialism, the paralysis of nimbyism and resistance to change – Yes, bold action entails risk, but in the end, the greatest risk we face is not the risk of action, it is the risk of inaction of missed opportunity of not being worthy of the moment our not seizing the opportunity together to bring about the transformative change that is within our collective grasp. In this and in the related projects of which you are all very familiar you have the collective power to be to be the most significant public and private leaders in this city’s history, transforming this community for generations to come. A transformation that moves you beyond simply being the best midsize city to live in Ontario, or the fourth or best, whatever in Canada, but to being one of the most remarkable cities anywhere in the world to live. I truly believe that’s possible.

Aspiration at best – and filled with promise. Given the strong push from the developer and a City Council that is onside this could move quite quickly.


“I have lived here in the past and aspire to live here again working for leaders like Paul and Michael Paletta who are deeply invested in every way imaginable in the success and well-being of the community. I have every confidence will get there together.”

A classic example of covering all the bases.


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