Getting building permits applications said to be easier - MyFiles is now operational

By Pepper Parr

May 9th, 2023



It has been some time coming but the self-serve tool called MyFiles is now out there that updates the pre-building approval process said to speed up applications for a building permit.
The new MyFiles tool lets applicants check on the status of their pre-building approval application in real time. It allows them to follow along as their application goes through each step in the review process.

Getting through the paperwork to get to this point is expected to be easier with the MyFiles software.

While applicants are still welcome to contact staff with questions, they can now login to this new portal to access information they may need about their application, if they prefer.
MyFiles can be used by residents who have applied for Pre-Building Approval after April 24, 2023. Once an account has been created, applicants can check the status of their files for applications related to:

• decks,
• accessory building or structure like a shed or gazebo,
• renovations such as additions or
• build a new house.

Process Updates
The process has been updated by separating the review of the Zoning Bylaw, Grading and Drainage Bylaw, and Tree Bylaw so that:

• a Zoning Clearance Certificate is needed before applying for a Building Permit.
• a Grading and Drainage Clearance Certificate is needed before a Building Permit can be issued.
• a Tree Permit is needed before construction can begin.

In 2021, the Provincial Government awarded the City one million dollars to help modernize, streamline and accelerate its processes for managing and approving housing applications.
This funding, received through the Streamlined Development Application Fund, (SDAF) will help to reduce the project cycle time of development review and approval processes. It will also make the process more efficient and streamlined to improve customer satisfaction. This will contribute to the strategic goal to increase housing construction across the city and offer responsive growth management.

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