Getting busy out there – if someone didn’t put a VOTE flyer in your hands today – you may not have been in Burlington.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON  March 23, 2013  It was an all hands on deck day and as much child labour as they could round-up.

The BLOMHA  – Burlington Lions Optimist Minor Hockey Association people are calling in every favour they can find.  Printing up flyers and getting them handed out wherever they can.  All eight McDonald franchises in Burlington have jumped on the bandwagon.  A number of supermarkets are handing out flyers – this is better than an election campaign.

Get to the Kraft web site; click on that vote button till your fingers hurt and be part of bringing $100,000 to Burlington and the BLOMHA organization.

The objective is to get more votes from Burlington than the other 19 cities we are competing against.  There are some formidable communities on that list; they are Stittsville, Goderich, Atikokan, Barrie, Renfrew, Verona, Sarnia, Weston, Langton, Moose Factory, Kitchener, Prescott, Napanee, Pelham, Amherstview, Lakefield, Cornwall, Brampton and Fergus.

They are all after the $100,000 that will be given to the community in Ontario that register the most votes.  Anyone from anywhere can vote, they can vote as often as they like and there is no age limitation. Here is what you do: Click on the LINK and vote.

Katherine Hartman, on the left (Barracudas player helping out her cousin and BLOMHA), Tiegan Priestner, (birthday girl helping her brother) and our youngest Daniel, with the official BULLDOGS mascot.  Daniel is obsessed with Bulldogs hockey, he’s got his Bulldogs hat on and bulldogs pj pants!

John McNeil was nominated  by Kristen Priestner, a parent whose son plays for the Bulldogs, a  BLOMHA team that McNeil manages.  Kraft liked the look of McNeil and asked if he would accept the nomination – he was up for it and Kraft Foods got back to him to say he had made the finals.  Now he had just over 48 hours to pull the BLOMHA people together and get the keyboards clicking on that vote button.

McNeil found he needed more flyers and a buddy with a printing press and a large paper-cutter, Colour Works Printing,  jumped in and produced more flyers.

Three Bulldogs in the backseat all voting on the way to London, hope they don’t burn their eyes out for the game!  The Bulldogs Atom A team are in the Championship Series of the Alliance and are hosting the Ontario Hockey Federation Championships in Burlington at Central Arena April 12 – 14th, facing off against the winners of the GTHL, OMHA, NOHA and the ALLIANCE, a true test for provincial supremacy!  Yet another reason for Burlington to get behind the vote for local hockey and keep them shining! 

Kids who were being transported to a Bulldogs game in London, Ontario logged in and voted while driving along the 401.

T cc was at home with a friend getting ready for her birthday party and she logged in as well.  Hundreds of kids and their parents were on-line clicking away.

McNeil has opened up his house for a Bulldog party and will have friends chatting about the “good old hockey game” while five to six of them use the WiFi in the McNeil house to log in and vote.  McNeil just might find out how many people can access the internet through his WiFi if they all bring their lap tops – and if Burlington is going to see that $100,000 everyone – and then some –  are going to have to get into the game.

Here is one of the Bulldogs little brothers, also a novice bulldog himself at Colour Works Printing cutting up some more flyers to help out!  More Child Labour!

Can Burlington pull this off: Kristen Priestner certainly thinks so: “BLOMHA has the heart to do this!  Come on Burlington, we need our community to pull together this weekend!  I remember ever so fondly my son’s years in Timbit hockey:  This money could go a long way to helping those with children in Burlington who cannot afford to give their kids a chance to play!  The boys on James’ house league teams were fast friends after a few games.  In fact, one of his teammates lost his father to cancer in his novice season (7 years old), and as a family our FLYERS team pulled together.  The coach, Scott Wright (now a Bulldogs Select Coach himself) and a few of us Moms set up and ran a “Skate-a-thon” in one week’s time.  Proceeds went to the Carpenter House, a well deserving local hospice, and our BLOMHA house league team raised $12,000!  Amazing what just one team can do in a short period of time with their hearts in the right place.  Just so happens that John McNeil’s son was also on that house league team and he gave a speech (at 7 years old!) to the Rotary Club and went door to door and raised $3000 himself!  Think what Burlington could do, if we pull together and vote this weekend OVER and OVER!!”

Do you get the sense that this woman is going to make this happen for Burlington?  I’d bet on her.

Did we tell you where to Vote.  HERE





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