Gould looking for young people to serve on her Youth Advisory Council.

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

November 21st, 2019



The biggest task every politician faces is finding ways to keep in touch, close touch, with every demographic and interest group in the constituency.

Gould as a bandit

Karina at a baseball game when the city had a ball team – is she arguing with the umpire?

That and being seen – do that and you can be around for a long time. The really solid Members of Parliament are stronger than the party they represent and they can often keep their seat even if their political party loses power.

Sworn in Nov 20 2019

Burlington MP Karina Gould signing the Register after being sworn in as the Minister of International Development.

Burlington has politicians who are open, transparent, know their job and do their jobs. The city also has politicians who think that keeping your picture in the paper is what it is all about – and if the paper won’t print them then the politician does in their newsletters and on the Instagram pages.

The city has one politician that you can seldom even find.

Burlington MP Karina Gould who was sworn in as the Minister of International Development yesterday, has put out a request for any young people who would like to sit on her Youth Council.

Such Councils are not unusual – unfortunately they are at times window dressing.

A perceptive politician will tap into the views and opinions that are out there. A politician is only as good as the people advising them.

Anyone interested in serving on the 2020 Gould Youth Council should check out the link.


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