Gould on what the Liberal government wants to pass in the way of new legislation

By Staff

October 18th, 2022



Karina Gould in the House of Commons

Burlington’s Member of Parliament rose in the House of Commons yesterday and told the Speaker that there were all kinds of things the Conservatives could do t help Canadians.

“Conservatives have an opportunity to demonstrate that they care and want to help low-income Canadians. They have several opportunities in fact. They could support the bill for dental care for low-income children to get their teeth fixed.

“They could support the bill that would put $500 into the pockets of low-income renters. They could support the bill that would provide a disability benefit for Canadians with disabilities.

“There are lots of opportunities for Conservatives to demonstrate in the House how they care for Canadians. I just do not understand why they will not.”

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4 comments to Gould on what the Liberal government wants to pass in the way of new legislation

  • Michael Hribljan

    Minister Gould and this Liberal government are completely out of touch, $500 is not enough to rent a doghouse in Canada, then what after the $500 is gone? Inflation is a national problem, not an opportunity for the Liberals to send checks to potential voters. Poilievre and the Conservatives do not support this because it is fundamentally bad policy. Their proposal is the stop the tax increases proposed by the liberals, pay roll tax, carbon tax increase and EI premium increases. This is money that will go directly back into the pockets of working Canadians. The Liberal government has borrowed more money and raised our debt more than all collective previous governments, this is the fundament reason we are experiencing inflation, more money in circulation. This has happened to the Mexican Pesos, Greek Drachma, Hungarian Forint and others with similar monetary policy. Your (Liberal) government points to supply chains, war in Ukraine, the pandemic etc, etc, etc. Then tell me why Switzerland who did not follow this policy of borrowing and expanding monetary supply had an inflation rate of 3.2% (September 2022) year are subject to all the same external global economic forces? Our Finance Minister, who I should point out has no formal financial training told us inflation was transitory, in fact was worried about deflation during the pandemic, and just last week now reported to Canadians that we are in for tough economic times as the Bank of Canada raises interest rates to slow the economy – where is the credibility? The right policy is to put the brakes on tax increase and in fact reduce taxes. This will start to bring inflation down as the cost of goods will go down; and in fact, work in concert with the Bank of Canada’s drive to bring inflation under control (soften the need for future rate increases). Cutting more government checks only adds gasoline to the inflation fire.

    • Don Fletcher

      Agreed. Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government certainly give credence to the view that politics is the pursuit of power & privilege without merit. May there be a meaningful reckoning in our next federal election.

  • Eve St Clair

    Pathetic attempt and hypocritical statement from a whiny childish MP