Gould talks about serving as House leader with her colleagues during the PEI retreat

By Staff

August 24th, 2023



Burlington MP Karina Gould will serve as the Government House leader when the federal government returns to the House of Commons September 18th

Burlington MP Karina Gould has to steer the Liberal government’s ship in the House of Commons now that she serves as the newly minted Government House leader.

Gould says conversations with colleagues at the federal cabinet retreat in Charlottetown have been “really informative” in determining the government’s legislative priorities for the fall.

Getting ready for the House’s return on Sept. 18 has been Gould’s focus at the three-day retreat that started on Aug. 21 and will wrap up this afternoon.

“We’re having lots of conversations about issues that are challenging Canadians right now, and the idea really is for us to kind of absorb that information, reflect on it, and come back in September ready to go in the House.”

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4 comments to Gould talks about serving as House leader with her colleagues during the PEI retreat

  • Stephen White

    One would think, given what is ostensibly a promotion, that Minister Gould would have used the opportunity to: 1) tell us how she plans to go about her work; 2) highlight and showcase the government’s leading priorities; 3) share with us how she and her government intend to regain public trust and confidence, particularly gven the precipitous drop in Liberal Party popularity in the last opinion polls.

    Guess she’s still busy going through paint and rug samples and trying to select new office furniture.

  • Patricia Charlton

    Nothing new here. All talk no action.

    Ann Charlton

  • Don Fletcher

    When it’s all said & done, there is more said than done. PLEASE, not 6 more years of Trudeau & his government running this country into the ground.

  • Joseph Gaetan

    “Really informative”? Thats it,nothing to see here, move on?