Green Shirt Day - it started in Humbolt Saskatchewan and become a national initiative

By Pepper Parr

April 3rd, 2023



Five years ago, the lives of 29 people, their families and their communities were changed forever.

That day was April 6, 2018, when the Humboldt Broncos bus crash shook the nation with sadness. Sixteen young individuals, including defenceman Logan Boulet, lost their lives and 13 bear physical and emotional scars for life.

Bernadine and Toby Boulet

On April 7, 2018, Logan succumbed to his injuries. His parents, Bernadine and Toby Boulet donated his organs so that six lives could live on. In honour of Logan’s legacy, this day was established as Green Shirt Day to remember the victims and families of that fatal crash and to create awareness about organ and tissue donation.

The fifth annual Green Shirt Day is on Friday, April 7. The campaign is led by the Boulet family and the Canadian Transplant Association in partnership with many others within Canada’s organ and tissue donation community. Partners include Canadian Blood Services, the Kidney Foundation of Canada and IA Financial Group.

This year, organizers are inviting people across Canada to join the movement for life in recognition of the vital link between organ donation and the gift of life. The goal is to inspire 100,000 new registered organ and tissue donors nationally. They are asking Canadians to take the time to consider organ and tissue donation, find out how to register in their province or territory, and to have a conversation about it.

“In the five years since our journey with organ and tissue donation really began, we have realized how one event, that changed our lives, has grown to become a movement,” said Bernadine Boulet. “We have seen the positive impact, the sunshine, of this movement that has risen from the crash and tragedy. It has led to conversations which have allowed families in similar situations to make a decision at a tragic time. It has given hope to individuals and their families who are waiting for organs.”

Fifth anniversary prompts new Green Shirt Day design

Brandy Hehn, a two-time organ transplant recipient from Regina, designed the 2023 Green Shirt Day logo. The shirt design was intended to honour the Boulets’ continuing efforts to raise awareness of the importance of organ donation, but also to remind Canadians of the day’s origins. Brandy’s design features 29 gold stars, one for each of the 16 lives lost, and for the 13 passengers whose lives were forever changed as a result of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash in 2018.

“My hope is that people will see this design, wear the shirt and spread awareness about Green Shirt Day, the #LoganBouletEffect and what the Boulet’s continue to do for all of us needing an organ transplant,” says Brandy.

Green Shirt Day is followed by National and Organ Tissue Donation Awareness Week: April 23-29, 2023

The Boulet family announcing and displaying the 2023 Green Shirt Day logo

On the heels of Green Shirt Day is National Organ and Tissue Donation Awareness Week (NOTDAW) and a great opportunity to keep the conversation going. This year marks the 26th anniversary of NOTDAW, a week dedicated to honouring those who have donated to save others, celebrating those who have received lifesaving transplants, and inspiring others to register their intent to become organ and tissue donors.

Each year in Canada, approximately 250 people die waiting for an organ transplant. Currently, there are more than 4,000 people waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant. You can make all the difference by registering your decision and talking to your family this April.

“One conversation could save someone else’s life, so I encourage everyone to have that talk with their family,” said Toby Boulet. “Then register to be an organ donor in your province. Join this movement for hope — this movement for life — so that others can go on to have more precious time with families.”

Ways to show your support on Green Shirt Day

Leading up to and on Green Shirt Day, people across Canada are encouraged to show their support and create awareness. Ways to get involved include:

• Register as an organ donor and tell your family your wishes.

• Order an official Green Shirt Day shirt or hockey jersey, bumper stickers, lawn signs, and flags:
• Visit the following links learn more about organ and tissue donation and to find out how to register in your province.
o Canadian Transplant Association

Logan Boulet

The Canada-wide Green Shirt Day was created to remember the victims and families of the tragic Humboldt Broncos bus crash in Saskatchewan in 2018, and to continue Logan Boulet’s legacy by inspiring Canadians to register as organ donors and to talk to their families about their wishes.

On April 7, learning that he would not recover, Bernadine and Toby Boulet offered to donate their son, Logan Boulet’s organs. They did so because Logan had registered as an organ donor and had spoken to his parents about his wishes. His generous final act inspired almost 150,000 donor registrations across Canada shortly thereafter, which became known as the Logan Boulet Effect.

Green Shirt Day is led by the Boulet Family and Canadian Transplant Association, in partnership with Canada’s Organ and Tissue Donation Community, including key partners Canadian Blood Services and The Kidney Foundation of Canada. Green Shirt Day organizers are also grateful for the support of IA Financial Group.


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