Halton Liberals pick their Beauty Queen. Two mothers will battle it out for the seat in the House of Commons.

By Staff

BURLINGTON, ON March 24, 2011 – For those Burlingtonians who live north of Upper Middle Road – you have a Liberal candidate, nominated and ready to run in the federal election race that may start as early as this Friday when the Leader of the Opposition puts forward a motion in the House of Commons stating that the government no longer has the confidence of the House.

When that kind of a vote is held and the government loses the Prime Minister is obliged to call on the governor General and ask that an election be called.

Connie Laurin Bowie wins Halton nomination. Why the red jacket? She's a Liberal.

Connie Lauren Bowie, a 20 year Halton region resident was nominated at a meeting in Oakville Tuesday evening

The Burlington federal Liberals have yet to determine who their candidate is going to be but that hasn’t stopped the current federal member in Burlington from getting his ducks lined up.

So, for the political junkies, life takes on a whole new meaning. A federal election as early in May and then a provincial election early in October. They will be in seventh heaven.

However, in the world of politics a day is a month and a month is a year – you just never know. The players though are making it look as if an election will be held and Connie Lauren Bowie is now nominated to run against Lisa Raitt, the current member of the House of Commons for Halton, who has a bit a hole to get herself out of. Her press hasn’t been exactly positive the last while.

Connie Lauren Bowie, a 20-year Halton resident, brings a background that includes international experience as the Executive Director of Inclusion International, a global Non-Governmental Organization that has fought for the rights of those with disabilities and their families with great success for over 50 years.

Hockey Mom with international experience in the field as the Executive Director of Inclusion International.

Laurent Bowie has successfully secured tax relief for families who have children with disabilities, advocated for the extension of maternity leave to one year, and helped to negotiate an inclusive approach to a federal/provincial agreement on early childhood care. Connie Laurin-Bowie has experience in government, working in a senior role for a cabinet minister in the Government of Ontario. She has helped craft solutions to issues related to education, criminal justice, health, tax relief, and immigration – and translated them into policies that made sense for Canadians. Connie is fluent in both official languages and speaks conversational Spanish.

To the best of our knowledge Laurent Bowie does not claim to walk on water but she did win a three way nomination battle that had her glued to a cell phone for a couple of months.

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