He is still the Prime Minister with a hard job that has to be tended to every day. Give him the space he needs

By Pepper Parr

August 5th, 2023



What happened?

We will never know the full story and quite frankly it is none of our business.

When a marriage fails – it is the children who are hurt the most. The trusting place they had a right to believe would be theirs – is suddenly gone. All but impossible to repair.

When the partners in the marriage are public people – they have to live with the highs and the lows. A lot depends on the decisions the Prime Minister makes and his mood, the psychological space he occupies matters to every Canadian.

The Prime Minister still has to lead – give him the room he needs.

So how much are we entitled to know and how much is driven by prurient interest?

The biggest message should be that we are with all five of them; the two parents and the three children. Give them the time and the space they need to work this out. It is going to take many many months.

A trip to Belleville where the crowd got so menacing that the RCMP security detail chose to cancel parts of the tour isn’t helping.

The two will argue, there will be recriminations as well and some will see the situation as one that can be exploited.

It is an all too true human situation that every one of us will be impacted by.

The bandage on the Prime Minister’s forehead tells a lot.

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8 comments to He is still the Prime Minister with a hard job that has to be tended to every day. Give him the space he needs

  • Phil Steinberg

    I totally agree with Stephen White. Trudeau used his family as a prop in the early years, so now when the wheels have come off, Canadians are entitled to know what happened. One must ask themselves, why did they just release the info now? Perhaps Sophie was not happy and launched a goblet at his head, hence the band aid. Don’t bite folks. Forget the sympathy. This is the worst PM in our history that has ruined our economy, divided and disrespected our people, hit us with a useless Carbon Tax when many are struggling and has no idea what he is doing. He is corrupt to the core, and unaccountable to voters. I am savouring his dissolving marriage and his slow disintegration into Kathleen Wynne territory of has-been insignificance/irrelevance.
    It is sad Karina, “I broke the passport office” Gould, worships the ground Trudeau walks on. Dump these Liberals when the next election is called.
    There will be more to come out of this soap opera. Pull up a chair, get the popcorn ready, because there will most likely be more details on the affair/s they had.

  • Stephen White

    The price one pays when they enter public life is public scrutiny. That goes with the territory. Everything one thinks, says and does becomes newsworthy. So, as much as the Trudeaus may ask for privacy the fact is they deeply crave it in the same paradoxical way that other public figures who have experienced setbacks like Princess Diana or Harry and Meaghan, craved it. When you have two high-profile, extroverted celebrities with massively inflated egos in a relationship, and that relationship suddenly “goes south”, that too becomes news.

    Rumours have swirled for years around problems with the Trudeau’s marriage. Both have been intimately linked to other public figures. For people to suddenly feign surprise is a bit perplexing. Even the most casual political observer must have noticed Gregoire’s long-term absence at many public events and ceremonies.

    While the events in Belleville are disturbing and unacceptable, they are yet another stark reminder of the deep divisions, distrust, hatred and fissures Trudeau and his government have sown over the past eight years. For a leader who came to power promising to bring harmony and accord he has built a legacy of anger, bitterness and resentment that is pervasive across this country. Trudeau’s best before date has long since come and gone. The Opposition realizes it. Most of the electorate realize it. I keep wondering when all those placid, well-trained sheep in the Liberal Party are going to wake up and realize it.

    Time for Justin to follow his father’s example, and take a walk in the snow on a February evening, and then resign. His demise can’t come soon enough.

    • Don Fletcher

      Well put, Stephen. I don’t wish divorce on any couple & family. However, it is time for Canada to divorce itself from Justin Trudeau ASAP. For those considering voting for Karina Gould next time out, remember that who we all might get more of is Justin Trudeau, unless he honorably (unlikely) resigns first. Ugh!

  • Ted Gamble

    I agree strongly with Lisa. His family deserves space. Him not so much. What the media should report is that he is likely the first and only Prime Minister who cannot travel anywhere in this country other than to carefully curated events. This is not unique to Belleville. Can you imagine the response anywhere if his daily online agenda was detailed?

  • Joe Gaetan

    I agree 100% that we should not use the unfortunate news of the personal lives of our Prime Minister, Sophie Gregoire and their children, as an opportunity to make political hay. Having said that and with reference to, “A trip to Belleville where the crowd got so menacing that the RCMP security detail chose to cancel parts of the tour isn’t helping”. The reporting on this event by the MSM was slanted and ensured that only the most horrific aspects of the behavior of some people made national headlines. There is another YouTube out there that shows our Prime Minister glad-handing a number of people in the crowd.
    To those who think uttering such garbage to any politician is helpful, it is not. Such behaviour only serves to garner sympathy for the person being attacked and, in this case, our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Like him or not he was duly elected by the citizens of Canada and deserves more respect.

  • Lisa Cooper

    He sure as hell didn’t mind getting into my PERSONAL medical decision to not get vaxxed, calling my fellow citizens to discriminate against me. Barring me from travelling, working or even to go out to dinner. So no he gets no sympathy from me or a whole lot of other Canadians.

    • Lynn Crosby

      It’s not a personal decision when other people are impacted by the spread of a deadly virus and the potential collapse of hospitals to treat the population for any and all medical needs. I’m not surprised, however, to read that you don’t have sympathy for others.

    • Russ Campbell

      If you cannot respect the man, at least respect the office.