Heavy armoured personell carriers lead the Remembrance Day parade

By Pepper Parr

November 11, 2022



They were at the head of the parade coming down Brant Street.

They were not what anyone expected to see.

These two pieces of military equipment led the 2022 Remembrance Day parade down Brant Street.

They weren’t tanks – they were armoured personnel carriers with rubber treads.

There were no markings which struck me as odd – which unit did they come from.

Turns out the two pieces of equipment were privately owned by “a couple of guys up north”

At the end of the parade the equipment stopped outside a coffee shop.

My guess is that they were bought as surplus from the federal government.

Wonder just what was stripped out of those units. Do they have any fire power left in them?

The crews aboard were certainly proud. One appeared to be driven by a woman but I’ve never understood just who drove the things. Someone took care of the guns and the shells and someone took care of communications – and that is about all I know. I was in the Senior Service (Navy) don’t know much army stuff

It will be interesting to read what shows up in the comments.

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