Horses in the federal election race are lined up. Meet the people who want your vote.

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Alyssa Brierley gets nominated by federal Liberals.

Alyssa Brierley gets nominated by federal Liberals.

BURLINGTON, ON March 28, 2011 – Except for the Greens, we now know who the Burlington candidates for the federal election are going to be. On Sunday the Liberals acclaimed Alyssa Brierley as their candidate so we have her, Mike Wallace and David Laird gearing up their campaigns. Brierley was nominated by long time Burlington Liberal Paddy Torsney who is most grateful that there is a Liberal candidate in place. She may have had to jump into the race had the association not found a candidate, Brierley, who is new to politics, has the potential to mount a very strong campaign.

This will be the third campaign for Laird and the first for Brierley. Wallace is defending the seat he has won twice. Wallace lost his first time out but then won in 2006 and 2008. Our Mayor Rick Goldring was the Green candidate in 2008.

Laird garnered 6581 votes in 2004; 8090 in 2006 but dropped to 6600 in 2008. But he is back for a third try and seems to carry the same message; people matter. He has been waiting for this campaign for some time – his nomination took place last May.

Laird, who works with the Children’s Aid Society in the child protection field. A graduate of York University with a degree in English and psychology he brings what he calls a “big picture” view to federal politics. It was a little difficult to pin point Laird on what he would do for Burlington were he to be elected. He describes himself as a humanist and wants to see a federal government supporting seniors and their needs rather than spending what he calls “obscene” amounts on a war plane.

Laird has been a candidate in waiting since last May.  He is going to have to quadruple his 2008 vote to beat the incumbent.

Laird has been a candidate in waiting since last May. He is going to have to quadruple his 2008 vote to beat the incumbent.

Laird thinks governments should ask and not tell people what should be done and believes strongly that technology can make it much easier for governments to serve the public. Laird would like to see some of those security cameras set up in the board rooms of the large corporations and the Prime Minister’s Office, where Laird thinks the major crimes are taking place. He might not get much argument against that belief.

Laird is a strong believer in the need for proportional representation in the House of Commons. From his viewpoint “It isn’t fair for a party with 35% of the popular vote to form a government. He brings that edge of anger about how those with less always seem to get less and bridles at how much what he would call the “fat” corporations manage to get from the federal government.

Laird thinks our monetary policy is all wrong and that the distribution of wealth in the country is skewed in the wrong direction.

Laird will take a four week leave of absence to campaign and, as he has in the past, has the support of a small but highly motivated community of New Democrats in Burlington. His two children, 12 and 18 and a devoted wife will be there in the trenches with him. New Democrats fund their campaigns with small donations from supporters.

Mike Wallace, the sitting member hasn’t had much to say so far. Watch for the opening of campaign offices and lawn signs as the snow moves off the streets and the crocuses begin popping up.


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