How does the value of your home determined - real estate does it one way - tax people do it another way

By Staff

March 1st, 2024



Yesterday we did a short piece on MPAC – Municipal Property Assessment Corporation and what they can tell you about your property.

We provided you with some data – there was more;  When you log into the MPAC web site you can learn:


There is a map that lets you zoom into property locations.  It’s a little on the tricky side to use – be patient.

Your home is the largest asset most people own.

Different types of property get assessed differently.  Golf courses and retirement homes are assessed under different rules.  The hospitality industry property assessment is based on the revenue potential.

Learn more about what you are being taxed based on the value of you home.  Know what the assessment is and how that determines what your taxes will be.

MPAC website HERE

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