How much divisiveness can a society cope with ?

By Pepper Parr

November 7th, 2022



The teachers are not in the classrooms, the provincial government imposed a four year contract and used a section of the constitution to prevent the strike action that is taking place.

This in Ontario?

How did we get to where we are?

The teachers along with the support staff are  not showing up for work.

The education sector wanted better pay claiming that many people are earning $39,000 which is just not enough to live on.

CUPE is planning for a province wide demonstration next Saturday.

The provincial government was not prepared to pay more.

The Premier and his Minister of Education will be speaking at 9:00 am.

Someone has to move; this situation has to be resolved.

The government is no longer at the bargaining table.  The Ontario Labour Relations Board is expected to produce a report on the legality of the union strike.

The GO buses are not running, the drivers are on strike.

The Americans are about to hold mid-term elections that could change the way the government in that country will be run.

And Climate Change meetings taking place in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt do not have any good news.

The weather over the weekend was wonderful.



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7 comments to How much divisiveness can a society cope with ?

  • R Velocci

    Democracy no long rain in Canada, Time for a change!

  • Alfred

    Why not just give them the same increase as the Ontario Government gives to landlords for residential rents per year. It’s many of these people that claim rents are too high. That might bring them back to reality, quickly.

  • Joe Gaetan

    Why not give eveyyone in Ontario goldplated pensions and benefits, we all deserve it. Ontario’s debt is not going away anytime soon. Does anyone know or care about who pays,because the answer is, us the taxpayers.

  • Doug P

    Time for the true facts be told, the average wage includes part time workers not a true fact for full time, which are the majority. State the facts not union talking point.
    Next comes the teachers wanting $100,000 + for 9 month job.
    Where does it stop, oh, I forgot it’s for the kids.
    It is time the press started print facts and let readers decide, then you wouldn’t have people misstrusting media.

    • Bob

      We all knew the gig teachers got when we decided on our own careers.
      99% of us chose not to go into teaching and now complain about paying those that did. I personally could not and would not be able to handle 20-30 children.
      Do I think teachers are well paid? Definitely, but I admire their passion and commend them for the work they do. If you want to state facts, please post your source of said facts.

  • Hans Jacobs

    Re: the climate change meetings – I watched some of it this morning. It’s interesting that the comments avoided the planet’s real problem, which is overpopulation. Climate change is merely a symptom.

  • Carol Victor

    No wonder we cannot sleep at night!
    Ford is not charging us for license renewals and gave us money back last year as a voting getting tactic…he should do the right thing and give nurses and the education workers the increase they deserve. I would gladly forgo this ” gift’ if it meant that these sectors were more appropriately funded.
    He wants to wear the mantle of fiscal responsibility at the expense of workers.
    This is what we get when we vote for a conservative who cares not a fig for healthcare or education.