How to make garage door repairs cheaper

By Evelyn Brown

September 4th, 2023



Quality garage doors can last for decades. However, with that long of use, there are bound to be damages or breakdowns that require their repairs. As reported by Home Advisor and Improvement the average cost of a garage door remodel is $218, with high-end parts running around the $553 mark.

Is this a repair you can do yourself or do you need a trained person to fix it?

When repairs are needed, you have two options: do it yourself or call a handyman. The first option seems more advantageous financially, but it’s not always possible. We will look at all the options on how you can reduce the cost of garage door repair

At the stage of diagnosis

● Self-diagnosis. Try to identify the problem on your own. Read the manual for your door, they usually have a section with the most common difficulties and how to solve them. Or look for the answer to your question online, perhaps watch a few videos. This will help save you money on calling a professional.
● Online consultation of a craftsman. Some masters provide such services via the Internet and such a consultation can be free or cheaper than a house call.
At the stage of selection of materials
● Reuse of materials. Before buying, check to see if you already have some of what you need.
● Buying used parts. Sometimes used but quality materials can cost much less.
● Buying non-original parts. To benefit at the moment, you can opt for cheaper analogs of the part you need. However, this entails risks of its more rapid failure.

At the stage of work

● Self-repair. Many simple tasks, such as lubrication, replacing small parts, and re-configuring the remote control can be done with your hands. Find detailed video instructions and get started.
● Combining tasks: If you need to do something not only to the garage door but also something else to repair, try ordering all the work at once, it may come out cheaper than repairing individually. At least for the cost of calling a handyman.
● Call a handyman in advance. Urgency always affects the final cost of the work. If your breakdown does not require urgent repair, then call the master on normal terms in his nearest window.

At the stage of choosing an executor

If you are going to attempt to repair a garage door by yourself become familiar with all the parts.

● Price comparison. Compare the proposals from different performers. Not only by cost but also by the tasks included in it.
● Online auctions and platforms. Sometimes on specialized platforms, you can find performers who are ready to do the work cheaply.
● Discounts or promotions. Some companies offer discounts in the “dead” season or promotions for certain types of work.
Additional tips
● Training videos and tutorials. There are enough resources on the Internet where you can see how to perform this or that repair yourself.
● Sharing experiences. Ask for advice from friends or neighbours who have already faced a similar problem. Perhaps the neighbour’s son will fix your gate cheaper than the master.
● Preventive measures. Most people don’t worry about their garage door until something breaks. However, the truth is that your door should be well-oiled, nuts and bolts tightened, and well-balanced. This greatly affects both its functionality and how long it will last. Is your garage more than a couple of years old? Get an annual tune-up from a professional garage door service company and you’ll avoid costly repairs in the future.

Self-repair vs. calling a master: Where is the benefit?
When deciding whether to do the repair yourself or to call a master, you should take a responsible attitude and evaluate several factors:

1. Financial costs for materials, tools, and work. Remember that if you do not have the necessary equipment, the result may be more expensive than if you hire a professional.
2. Time and effort. Evaluate how complex the job is and how much time it will take. And what financial consequences will come with the risk of making a mistake,
3. Quality and results. If you have the necessary experience, the result can be at the level of a professional. But remember that the handyman gives a warranty on his work, which can be beneficial to you.
4. Personal Safety: Some jobs can be dangerous without the proper equipment and knowledge. And professional handymen know and follow the standards, removing the risks from you.

Based on these criteria, you can choose between self-repair and calling a handyman. Each case is unique, so it’s important to conduct a full assessment before making a decision.

When it is more cost-effective to call a handyman
In some situations, calling in a handyman can be more beneficial:

A broken cable can be done by an experienced handi-man or a neighbour who understands mechanics.

1. Technical complexity. If the breakdown involves complex mechanisms such as automatic opening and closing, it is better to entrust it to a professional. A mistake in repair can lead to costly consequences.
2. Need for specialized tools. Sometimes repairs require specialized tools, which are quite expensive and will not pay for themselves in one repair.
3. Parts. Professionals often have access to parts at wholesale prices and can offer a better price than retail stores.
4. Warranty case. If your door is still under warranty, repairs will probably be free or cheap as long as a certified craftsman does the work. If you do it yourself, you may even nullify your warranty.
5. Warranty on work done. Many professional services offer a warranty on their services, which can save you money in the long run.
6. Time Savings. If you don’t have the free time or desire to research how to make repairs, calling a handyman can be more cost-effective in terms of your time. And if you translate that into the cost per hour of your work as well, for sure.
7. Adherence to standards and norms There are some instances where repairs must be done according to certain standards that only a qualified professional knows.

While do-it-yourself repairs may seem cheaper at first glance, the long-term economic and safety factors often speak in favor of calling in the professionals.

This is probably going to require professional trained help.

With the variety of options in today’s world, finding a way to make garage door repair cheaper is not difficult. As a rule, the financial benefit requires balancing it with the investment of your time, risks incurred, or lost profits.

Choosing to make a financial outlay, such as calling a repairman, provides a strategic benefit that can be overlooked at the moment. Make an informed decision based on your priorities and you’ll be on the plus side either way.

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