If you have a 'community programming' idea call City Hall

By Pepper Parr

September 27th, 2023



In an announcement on Twitter (X) the city administration point out that they are still looking for people who want to use the Bateman space.

We’re looking to hear from anyone interested in providing community programming at the new community centre at the former Robert Bateman high school with an exclusive use of the space agreement. Tell us what services you want to provide at https://bit.ly/44tEt7m. #BurlON


City is looking for groups that would like to have exclusive use to some of the space to provide “community programming”.

City owns the property.  They are spending a fortune getting the asbestos out of the place and another bundle renovating the space.  Spending hours debating just how much parking space there is going to be – and deciding when they will pave over the playing field at the back of the property. (I thought we didn’t do things like that anymore.)

It was a good idea – still is – the administration of the initiative has been terrible – and it isn’t over year.  We might end up calling the Pier2 – the city paid for the initiative twice.


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3 comments to If you have a ‘community programming’ idea call City Hall

  • Brent

    I totally agree with Cassius. We need the track and field as is. We do not need to pave it over. Also, the City is only giving the community an unimportant choice to make. The name change, without input on important issues like this

  • Swift Ticket

    I agree, a good idea poorly executed.
    Price tag is now $100,000,000 as announced by the Mayor on TVO
    And we are facing yet another 7+% tax increase next year
    The Pier is looking cheap

  • Cassius.

    I am for whatever decision that leaves the running track and field as is! It’s been part of our community for decades! The city has not even engaged us on this and it seems like decisions on parking are just being made without any input!! A paid Parking structure located on the left hand side of the building would work and is feasible, so why not explore that to save the track and field behind the building??