If you work for the city and you'd like to send us information you think the public should know - we would like to hear from you

By Pepper Parr

February 12th, 2023



Police need the public if they are to solve crimes. Every day the police get 911 calls reporting a driver who is weaving back and forth between lanes. It takes minutes to get a patrol car on the scene.

The Gazette will develop a secure channel for readers to tip us off

Media get all kinds of news tips – they get crank tips as well from people who have an axe to grind.

Dump trucks depositing landfill on the Air Park site – they didn’t have city permission to change the site plan nor did the city know just where the landfill came from.

It was a call from a Lowville resident in 2013 about dump tricks that were muddying Appleby Line that resulted in our breaking the story about an attempt to build a much bigger airport in the Escarpment.

The Gazette writes a lot about the goings on at city hall. There are city staff that are not comfortable with the budget that is about to be passed.

We recently received a comment from a reader who used the name COBEmployee with an email address that proved to be valid.
If there are employees at city hall who think there is something we should know – create a phony email address and tell us what’s bothering you.

The City Communications department is in place the tell the city’s story the way they want it told.

Media has an honourable tradition of learning what is happening from people who think the truth is important.

The Mayor of Toronto resigned last week because media followed up on a piece of information that came their way.

We look forward to hearing from you – and to COB Employee – thanks.

COBEmployee is the name that was used.
COBEmployee@gmail.comwas the email that was used

The message: Pay is deposited automatically. Pay stubs, which are the details of the deposited pay, are mailed out.

We knew that – having it confirmed was useful.

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4 comments to If you work for the city and you’d like to send us information you think the public should know – we would like to hear from you

  • Diogenes

    Well obviously I am writing under a pseudonym – one appropriate to the theme of this article and to the following rather startling disclosure today from the Bay Observer:


    If I was not such a cynic, I would shine my lantern at City Hall to release the light of transparency and honest public engagement. Why have citizens been kept in the dark regarding this very costly public acquisition? What has Council been hiding?

  • Ren Velocci

    Nobody has a right to know the personal and intimate life of anybody

  • Penny Hersh

    How does the resignation of John Tory impact the “Strong Mayor” initiative?

    From what I have read Toronto City Council has huge problems now associated with their yet to be passed budget. John Tory had advocated changes that only he could accomplish.

    News articles have suggested that perhaps his family knew about this affair as not one member of his family was with him when he went to speak to his supporters after his election win. I would like to know when the staffer left city hall to work elsewhere?

    Playing devils advocate – Would he have had to resign if he was having a consensual affair with a younger woman who had not been a staffer? I am not condoning this relationship simply asking the question.

  • We all owe the families of our community the opportunity to hear of any shenanigans at city hall that shows a lack of appropriate decision making as occurred in Toronto, but not necessarily connected to relationships.. John Tory was we believe a very good Mayor but his actions have hurt the city he gave so much too. How much better it would have been for the city if the tip had come at least one year earlier.