In the virtual faerie tale world that City Council has become there are three powerful wizards

By Staff

July 28th, 2023



Telling a story is a combination of what is written, the photographs that accompany the content and the headline.

Editorial cartoons often make the point immediately and frequently in an entertaining fashion.

The Gazette has used editorial caricatures provided by Cartoon Bob – that feature will return.

A City Clerk: as a wizard in a virtual faerie tale world.

We want to go a step further and have engaged with a well-known ceramic artist to create images of what has been described is as an “entitled, tone-deaf, self-absorbed paternalistic city Council.

These pieces are the creation of a well-known Ceramicist, Doug Fey, who has had his studio in Longmont Colorado for several decades. He produces a number of fanciful creatures as his unique contribution to the art form.   We asked Doug to produce several custom pieces and are well pleased with the special creations that resulted.

It is our belief that since 2018 we have been living in a virtual faerie tale with fables, empty prophesies and closed rituals abounding.

However, in our kingdom the three most powerful wizards are, respectively, the Mayor, The City Manager and the City Clerk.

We have captured, in a ceramic display, the power triad of our faerie realm:

A City Manager as a wizard in a virtual faerie tale world

A Mayor as a wizard in a virtual faerie tale world


We will display them whenever we believe our Council has become particularly blind to its social contract with Burlington’s citizens or has imposed its will unfairly and against the public interest.

We hope that this is the first and last time that you will see the three – but we fear not.

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4 comments to In the virtual faerie tale world that City Council has become there are three powerful wizards

  • Sir Thomas Mallory (aks Blair Smith)

    What a quaint idea. I look forward to the fabled adventures of the wizard triad. I agree with Joe, however. Even wizards need their supporting cadre of apprentices; the Lords and Ladies of the “Horseshoe Table”.

    I look forward to the exploits of;

    – the Lord of fiefdom 1 – Sir Cecil Cashin’ In
    – the Lady of Fiefdom 2 – Dame Felicity Follows
    – the Lord of Fiefdom 3 – Sir Roderick Rancid Rampayg’N
    – the Lady of Fiefdom 4 – Dame Shouldn’t Bea A’Telli’n
    – the Lord of Fiefdom 5 – Sir Serious Darwent Data, and
    – the Lord of the dreaded North Territories – Sir Gawain Got Biscotti

    I trust that we shall see this remarkable entourage often.

  • From our perspective Joe, the rest of the Councillors also don ‘t count in terms of engaged transparent,accountable decision makers.. They repeatedly make use of such things as Consent Agendas that do not comply with the Procedure By-law they put in place; and rules that ensure delegations they don’t want to hear, disappear when either of the three mischievously tap their wands.

    A good example was when Lisa Kearns raised the issue of needing to start work now to improve our election turn.-out. Arjoon tapped his wand and poof, any such thoughts were dealt with and ihe words “holistic approach” became the new Burlington buzz words to cure all our deficiencies.

    Wizards in training are not allowed wands in case they use them to change the hearts ♥ of the trio with the true wizard power can over-ride every election promise uttered and any piece of legislation put in place to preserve our hard earned democracy. Unless we draw on the true and effective power of the people to change what has evolved, we will be seeing a lot of the Gazette humour in the form of art that reminds us of the Toby Jugs so many collected and became worth a fortune.

  • Joe Gaetan

    Why not have one for each councillor as well? Or do they no longer count?