Integrity Commissioner advised Galbraith that he is in a Conflict of Interest situation

By Pepper Parr

October 18th, 2022



After saying that he was never in a Conflict of Interest situation ward 1 Councillor Kelvin Galbraith, responding to a considerable amount of pressure from Aldershot resident Tom Muir, released information from the Integrity Commissioner saying that he was in fact in a Conflict of Interest situation and has been for some time. .

Tom Muir has been like a dog with a bone on the Conflict issue.

In an email to Tom Muir – Galbraith said:

“As you are aware I am extremely busy with election related correspondence and daily canvassing of Ward 1. Your response to my last email was simply too long to get through and answer all that you asked of me so apologies for not responding. See attached letter from the integrity commissioner that covers the issues that you are interested in.”

The Integrity Commissioner said in correspondence to Galbraith:

Kelvin Galbraith Councillor for ward 1

Accordingly, we conclude that, now that the plans include reference to proposed designations affecting your properties, you are required to recuse yourself from the discussion and voting on consideration of the Aldershot GO MTSA.

This includes refraining from participating and attempting to influence the outcome during the open house and other occasions at which the public, staff and Members of Council are contemplating proposed policies affecting the Aldershot GO MTSA. Principles Integrity

Any time consideration of the matter is before Council or any of its committees, your specific declaration might go something like this:

As the owner of several properties within the study area which will be affected by the proposed land use designations being contemplated, I have a pecuniary interest and will be recusing myself from participating in or voting on this matter.

A group pf Aldershot residents have maintained for some time that Galbraith cannot adequately represent their interests with the Conflicts of Interest.

The Gazette had reached out to Galbraith about ten days ago. At that time he said:

“I am hesitant to do an interview with you this close to the election. The Gazette is full of your critical opinion of my fellow council members and staff of which I would be happy to be excluded from. Most of my colleagues no longer speak with you or do interviews so help me understand why I should at this point? For me at this point, no news is good news.”

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14 comments to Integrity Commissioner advised Galbraith that he is in a Conflict of Interest situation

  • Marty Staz

    I told you so!

  • Eve St Clair

    Karma is sweet ,maybe the Mayor’s lackey shouldn’t throw stones at other Councillors before looking in the mirror .

  • Mary Hill

    In recusing himself all Ward 1 residents will be disenfranchised from any representation at the discussions or decision making relating to the MTSA matter. How fair is that for the Ward 1 residents.

  • JRH

    This comes across as just is smear job , the Ontario tribunal overruled anything the City was attempting to prevent either way. Galbraith appears open and transparent regarding this issue.

    Editor’s note: Easy to call a report a smear job – when the writer doesn’t have the courage of his convictions to provide his name. There is a word for people like that. The place where the sun doesn’t shine.

  • Penny Hersh

    Councillor Galbraith after seeking information from the Integrity Commission and finding out that the properties he owned in the MTSA area were a conflict of interest he failed to recuse himself and lied by omission both to the city and the residents he took an oath to represent.

    Councillor Galbraith had been questioned by residents in ward 1 after becoming councillor as to having a conflict of interest with regard to the properties he owned in the ward. He repeatedly told them that he had checked this out with the Integrity Commission and that there was no conflict.

    What happens now? The Integrity Commission does not investigate any complaints during an election period. There definitely will be a complaint made against Councillor Galbraith once the election is over. The report coming at that time could indicate that he cannot continue as a councillor ( should he be re-elected). This would trigger a by-election for the Ward 1 seat at great expense to the taxpayer.

    Perhaps Councillor Galbraith should step away prior to October 24th?

    • David Barker

      Ms Hersh

      Why do you think Councilor Galbraith should “step away”? You were very supportive of Councilor Stolte when she broke confidentiality and the IC recommended a 5 day loss of salary. Councilor Stolte then broke the City’s Code of Good Governence a second time within a year when she inadvertently outed a staff member. You again were supportive. At no time did you suggest she should “step away”. But when Councilor Kearns fell afoul of the confidentiality rule you said, and I think I quote you correctly, even though she addmitted her fault, unlike Stolte, ” a breach is a breach”. So why now are you putting forward a different standard for Councilor Galbraith?

      Personally I don’t think the “offences” committed by Councilors Stolte, Kearns, and Galbraith should disqualify any of them from running for or being on council.

      Ms Hersh, why don’t we just see how the electorate in each ward feels about their councilor’s transgressions. You pay attention to Ward 2 where you live and let those in Wards 1 and 4 take care of their business.

    • Penny I am under notice from one of these commentators as was the City Clerk that a commentator in the Gazette who picks on you very frequently does not want any form of communication from Anne Marsden which means Anne and Dave Marsden. So in order not to give this person an opporunity to claim harrassment I have kept silent on a number of issues. A council table with only 7 participants requires the whole council to be part of MTSA discussions. One councillor who has to repeatedly recuse himself will affect business being executed in the most efficient manner. Several running for election are involved in no quorum present and yet got on with business of the day an irregularity that puts the City at risk of liability if someone is affected by the business conducted. We, like many others, Penny appreciate your comments. We don’t always agree with you but we do agree your comments are very welcome, that’s democracy. .

  • Graham

    Good to know….

  • Hilda Cirotto

    This is illuminating – both the degree of Conflict of Interest and the attitude to journalists! How will residents in Ward 1 be notified? Early votes are in and can’t be changed. Does this mean Mr. Galbraith will be excluded from the ballot and forfeits his candidacy?

  • Ken Medland

    We feel that Councilor Galbraith had responded in a professional manner and based on his total commitment to the city and particularly Aldershot has done an outstanding job on our behalf and SHOULD be re-elected!

  • Hmmmm Galbraith was the only one for whom there was a speck of light that he could perhaps come back. Not so!

  • Dave Turner

    I’d be interested to know what the relative positions of Muir and Galbraith are as respects the Aldershot GO MTSA matter. Do they have opposing views?