Is Bonnie Crombie eyeing the provincial seat in Milton - a riding that includes part of northern Burlington.

By Pepper Parr

January 28th, 2024



Parm Gill, the Conservative member of the provincial legislature has resigned and announced that he will run for the Milton federal seat.

Parm Gill decides the House of Commons is a safer place than Queen’s Par,k – chooses to leave the Ford government.

Has Gill come to the conclusion that the Ford government is toast and has decided to look for greener grass?

Political pundits think the riding might be a good place for Provincial Liberal Party leader Bonnie Crombie  to run for office.  The Premier has six months to call a by-election – that would result in a summer election in Milton.

The Milton constituency includes some of the northern part of Burlington.

Bonnie Crombie shouldn’t expect anything in the way of support from Milton Mayor Gord Krantz – he is as blue blooded a Tory is as they come.

Is Bonnie Crombie eyeing the seat in Milton that will become available?

Crombie could sweet talk Krantz into being neutral – he has done that in the past.

Milton has a solid federal candidate in  Adam van Koeverden – he and Crombie would be very capable campaigners.

Could be interesting – something to keep an eye on while we wait for Crombie to decide what she wants to do.

Wherever she runs – she has to win – it has to be a solid win,

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