Is there a basement apartment in the house on Caroline that is rented out? No!

By Pepper Parr

April 18th, 2023



There was some confusion about just what is in the basement of the house on Caroline Street east of Brant that was the subject of an application to the Committee of adjustment to turn a garage that is not attached to the house is as a separate residence.

Was there a separate living unit in the basement?

Committee of Adjustment in a meeting.

Neither Nick Leblovic nor the Planning Consultant representing the owner of the property has ever been in the residence.

I have been in that basement part of the house on several occasions.

There is a bedroom, a bathroom, a small room where people could sit in chairs and meet.

There is no kitchen, there is laundry washer and dryer and a small shelf on which there is a coffee pot and a couple of cups.

There is a walk out to a very small back yard.

This is not by any stretch an apartment.

It was used is as a place family friends, visitors would use to sleep over.

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