Is there an Emma that is alive and about to welcome customers ?

By Pepper Parr

September 15th, 2023



Craig Kowalchuk who operated Emmas Back Porch – very successfully for years has a new brand name on his T shirt.

Something might be up with Emmas – is it the Emmas Back Porch or perhaps the Emmas Kitchen that Craig Kowalchuk had on a T-shirt he was seen wearing or could it be a “New Emmas” that is being floated?

The building on Old Lakeshore Road is still there – all gussied with fresh paint.

The owners were once advertising the space for rent for private parties.  From time to time we get reports of a lot of traffic in and out of the place – but nothing recently.

People with an insurance background – lots of money in those pockets – are working at drumming up some interest.

Let’s see what comes of it.

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5 comments to Is there an Emma that is alive and about to welcome customers ?

  • Steve Hudak

    We are all pretty excited to see Emma’s reopen. Let’s hope this is a good sign.

    Editor’s note: There is no evidence at this point that the location will open in the near future.

  • KATE

    That’s Emma’s Kitchen in Milton.

    Editor’s note:
    I don’t think the T shirt Craig wore is about the Milton location.

    Here is what is on that Milton location wen site:
    Inspired by generations of family cooks/chefs while growing up in the Philippines, Chef Emma turned her hobby into a passion for cooking and a business venture in Canada. She trained as a Professional Chef at Liaison College and continues to perfect her craft when she took over a previously established business and restructured it to unveil ‘Emma’s Kitchen’, which officially opened on the 1st of April 2017. Since then, Emma’s Kitchen has been serving local Miltonians and customers from the GTA and surrounding areas.

    The Emmas that Craig ran closed in 2020

  • Michael Parkinson

    Hey Pepper…why don’t you connect with the new owners so you can enlighten us as to what their plans are – i.e. projected opening date, the ‘vibe’ they are trying create, status of “The Water Street Cooker” etc etc.?

    Editor’s note – they don’t answer questions – I’ll try once more – just won’t be this week.

    • Kate

      Don’t know what planet you’re on. Craig or anyone can wear a t-shirt that has a company logo on it. Just like I can wear a tuk, t-shirt or mug with Tamp Coffee on it…to support them.

  • Kate

    Craig is happily retired and either chuckling or rolling his eyes with this article

    Editor’s question: Then why the Emmas kitchen T shirt?