It will cost you $2 to get into Spencer Smith Park during Ribfest

By Pepper Parr

August 31st, 2023


UPDATE: City Communications advises that the city had nothing to do with the adding of an entry fee.

UPDATE # 2:  Turns out the city has rented the space to Lakeshore Rotary.  Don’t know yet when that decision was made.

Not sure how this came about – but the sign over the eastern entrance to Spencer Smith Park says $2 Entry Fee.

Ribfest is taking place for four days and in order to get to where the Ribs are sold and the bands are playing you have to now pay.

We didn’t see or hear about that at any Council or Standing Committee meetings – we clearly missed that.

We will check into it.   It would appear that the park is no longer fully public.

Wondering as well:   How much did Rotary pay for the use of the park ?


City Communications said: “Ribfest is NOT organized by the City, it is completely run by Rotary Lakeshore. My understanding is that they are looking at this as a donation, however you will have to contact them directly for further info and comment.”

Interesting:  How does Rotary decide to add an entry fee without getting permission from the city.  It still amount to a public park not being fully public.

Imagine that a tourist decides they want to experience the park and take a walk out to the end of the Pier.

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5 comments to It will cost you $2 to get into Spencer Smith Park during Ribfest

  • Helen Donohoe

    Not acceptable. For the first time in years, I will not be participating. I note too, on the website that there is also a pay extra to “skip the line” option, an odious practice and definitely not equitable and inclusive.

    • Sharon

      I don’t mind giving Rotary $2.00 to go to charity. I do mind giving $2.00 for it too go to the city for rent.

  • Next we will be going back to money slots on toilet doors as we experienced when children in UK.. If you did not have a penny hard luck.

  • Michael Farkas

    Guess my large family and I will NOT be attending this event as we did NOT attend the Oakville Ribfest because of the entry fee. Plenty of others out there that don’t charge to get in ! With the costs of everything these days this is really unnecessary ! Shame !