Just how far does Google reach into your pocket or purse? You may not want to know

By Pepper Parr

May 18th, 2023



Just how far does Google reach into your pocket or purse?

Most people know what Googles does – but I suspect most people don’t realize just how much they do – or put another way – how deeply into your pocket their hands go.
Something to keep in mind is that Google is an advertising company.

They need to know as much about you as they can so they can direct advertising that will appeal to you.

They are able to do that because every time you use one of their services they are collecting information about you.

What can you do about that?

Not very much on an individual level. Governments at the highest level are really the only people that can make changes.

The real changes that are being made are in Europe where the European Union – a level of government that has representation from most of the European countries – the big exception is the UK – which pulled out when the vote on Brexit too place. Brexit is short for Britain exiting.

All more than you think you need to know.

The only hope we have is that Canada will begin to follow the lead that the Europeans are showing. Hard to do when our neighbour to the south is home to some of the best software the world has seen.

That will leave you with something to think about.

Think about the number of zeros in a billion.

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