Just what has happened at City Hall and is there even more to come?

By Pepper Parr

April 12th, 2024



The Mayor has had a busy past 30 days – and the hecticness is not over yet.

Hassaan Basit starts his new job on the 22nd. He is far from an unknown entity.

Comment has to be made on the claim that the new City Manager who moves into his office on the 22nd is the Mayor’s Sock Puppet.  People who make that kind of comment haven’t done their homework

The much anticipated April 16th Council meeting at which the Mayor committed to telling her colleagues what she would do in terms of sharing her Strong Mayor powers  may not be as exciting as many expected.  She set all that out in an Open Letter to Council members on Thursday.  One does wonder if the Mayor actually speaks to her colleagues on a one-one one basis.

Some comment has to be made on the toxic environment that front desk people have to work within. The reports are more than disturbing – this kind of rot tends to start at the top.

And, with all the political infighting one has to ask: What kind of a council will the citizens elected in 2026?  How many of the current Council members will choose to challenge Meed Ward?

All this will be in the Gazette – some today – more tomorrow.


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