Karina Gould claims Opposition is making a mockery of people suffering, instead of supporting them

By Staff

February 3rd, 2023



Burlington MP Karina Gould gave the House of Commons a piece of her mind earlier in the week when she said:

Burlington MP Karina Gould in the House of Commons

“Mr. Speaker, what the members opposite are doing is absolutely shameful.

“They are making a mockery of people suffering, instead of supporting them when we are putting important measures on the table.

“After eight years, there is one thing that Canadians have learned. When they are in trouble and when they need help, they cannot count on the Conservatives. The Conservatives are not there for them.

“If they cared about low-income renters, they would have supported us with our support for renters.

“If they cared about low-income Canadians, they would have supported us when we lowered taxes on the middle class, and they would have supported us when we increased the Canada child benefit.

However, they did none of that.”

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5 comments to Karina Gould claims Opposition is making a mockery of people suffering, instead of supporting them

  • Michael Hribljan

    Mary Hill, MP Gould is being deceitful because the conservatives would not vote for the Liberals one time $500/mon rent relief, GST rebate and dental benefit the rationale being all Canadians have been hit by high inflation and sending out more government checks adds government cost and fuels inflation – this spending has now been backed by a number of prominent past Liberal finance ministers.

    Instead the Conservatives motioned no increase to the carbon tax (which is driving inflation and providing no benefit to GHG emissions), no increase to CPP (employers and employee), and no increase to UI. All these measures would instantly put more money in all Canadians pocket, would not be “one timers”, would not add more government bureaucracy, and would reduce inflation . This is why Gould is lying,

    Liberals govern to send checks to their base and friends like McKinsey, Conservatives govern for all Canadians.

    Not to mention, check out her unhinged rant in Parliament on this topic, its embarrassing.

  • Philip Waggett

    In Canada today we are experiencing a number of crises—debt, affordability, housing, healthcare and crime. All of these have developed or worsened during the past eight years of Liberal rule—that Karina is what is truly shameful.

  • David

    Oh what a wicked web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

  • Doug P

    How do you know when a politican is lying ?? When they open their mouth !!

    • Mary Hill

      David, Doug P. As respects the passages quoted by the Gazette, I ask you to explain how is she being either deceitful or lying?