Key players in the staff organizational chart have yet to be named.

By Pepper Parr

July 6th, 2024



For reasons that we cannot fathom we are not able to tell you the names of the four people who are going to be named as Commissioners in the new city staff organizational structure.

We are not doing all that well in getting direct, clear and concise answers to our questions from the City communications group about the changes that are being made on the corporate organizational chart.

Hassaan Basit, Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Burlington took office late in April.

We’ve known for some time that the title of Executive is being dropped and that the staff organization would be divided into Divisions. The decision as to who will hold which senior level jobs is determined by the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) traditionally called the City Manager.

We are told that the “Communications and Engagement team now reports to the Head of Corporate Affairs per the org chart shared previously. There is no hierarchy change within the team.

“Members of the executive team (including Commissioners) will begin to attend Committee of the Whole (COW) and Council meetings as their roles are confirmed and their schedules allow.

That sounds as if the new “Commissioners” will become known when they first speak at a Council meeting.

Council will meet next week – maybe the names and faces will be revealed then.

The City Clerk, a critical staff person, bylaws are not law until the Clerk signs the document does not appear on the current organization chart.

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2 comments to Key players in the staff organizational chart have yet to be named.

  • Gary Scobie

    As the editor has said before, a total change to the organization chart and new titles for the key players would have been in the planning stage quite some time ago, either by the incoming CAO or by the Mayor or by both in concert. This stuff doesn’t just materialize in a week or two.

    And the absence of the City Clerk and her department on the chart is puzzling at best and a glaring mistake at worst. Is it under Legislative Services perhaps? Seems like the closest possibility in my reading of the chart. But an unknown at this point.

    Moving the deck chairs on the Titanic was never going to change its outcome.

    • Anne and Dave Marsden

      Never heard of this Titanic phrase “Moving the deck chairs on the Titanic was never going to change its outcome.” how apt. IWe are a bit of a Titanic nut and have often compared in our own mind the city with the Titanic administration. You just put the cap on it Gary. Prophetic perhaps.

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