Large long term care close to the hospital seems stalled - rumoured water table issues

By Pepper Parr

May 3rd, 2023



It wasn’t an attractive building and it got put on hold when the city introduced an Interim by law that put everything on hold back in

At that time Amica argued that the need for additional long term care facilities was important enough for them to be excused from the Interim bylaw.

The rendering reminded one of the Soviet era brutalist style architecture – nothing very welcoming to the place.

Council didn’t buy it.

The development application was taking longer than many people expected including the residents of the Co-op housing development: these were the people who were going to be bought out, the building demolished so that shovels could be put in the ground.

Nothing happened.

Then we learned that there was a rumour – and that is all it is at this point that “they found some sort of mineral in the surrounding soil (I think it was magnesium) that is at a high concentrate and due to the high water table they have to build holding ponds to filter out the minerals before they pump it out to the lake. The cost of this added several million dollars and

“I was told that Amico was considering their options.”

Our source added: “… when I first heard this on our street I didn’t think much of it but since the demolition of the CO-OP building … there’s been zero activity. All the construction trailers are gone.”

Now there is just rubble and yellow tape. This makes me wonder that perhaps there is an issue. There should be construction in full swing right now.”

The development was a partnership between Spruce Partners Inc. and Amico Properties Inc.  Bousfields Inc., are the Planning Consultants – they have always been stingy when it comes to handing out information

No word yet from the Planning consultant or either of the partners.


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