Lots of talk about housing - what type is the city going to learn to live with?

By Pepper Parr

September 13th, 2023



Will it be semi-detached house?

Maybe duplexes?

Albert Facenda – on a roll; chomping at the bit, looking for a way to get zoning changes in place.

Triplexes don’t appear to be popular.

Take those three forms of housing and then add the letters MZO – Ministerial Zoning Order. That’s when the province tells a municipality what it has to do.

Sometime in the next few weeks – maybe the next few days, Burlington’s MPP Natalie Pierre will be getting a visit from one of the smaller developers – the guys who do small one off project – and taking through a situation that some believe has been a breach of responsibility on the part of the city when it comes to permitting zoning is low density parts of the city.

Albert Facenda has been itching to get at this one for more than seven years.

He delegated at council earlier this week – feels Chair Paul Sharman kept trying to shut him down explaining that what Albert wanted to talk about was not on the agenda.

That has never bothered Albert in the past.

Going forward – this should by fun.

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3 comments to Lots of talk about housing – what type is the city going to learn to live with?

  • Blair we are known as a couple of believers who have seen the scripture and hope does not disappoint us come true over and over again. Not in our timing but in perfect timing. We believe that Natalie Pierre will do the right thing and listen to Albert and do whatever she needs to do to assure her constituents she cares about the issues we care about. In the meantime we see the issues we have spent decades trying to address and failed because of the spin machines working against the community best interests and the democratic principle many of us are working for, getting closer to being resolved in the community’s favour. This week the Post at last lost its ability to be Council’s spin machine, hope and faith like a mustard seed again triumphed.

  • Good on you Albert for setting the example and ignoring councillor efforts to shut you down using procedural by-laws they do not follow themselves. We believe you will get the support you need from our MPP. The days of a Meed Ward led Council ways or no ways are coming to an end. We do hope public will begin to see the media other than the Gazette come on side with the public and start reporting on Burlington issues as they do for Hamilton.

    • Blair Smith

      Anne and Dave – have you watched one of my favourite iconic films, “The Wizard of Oz”? Do you remember the scene when the curtain is inadvertently pulled revealing that “The Great and Powerful Oz” is a sham? I believe that the same will be found by Albert in his meeting with MPP Pierre. She absolutely refuses to become involved. I believe that we are still waiting for her promised statement on the “Greenbelt Fiasco”. Bonne Chance Albert!