MAD budget for Tribunal hearing jumps to $70,000

By Staff

February 7th, 2024



The price may not be quite what they had in mind.

A month out from the Ontario Land Tribunal hearing and MAD  – Millcroft Against Development learns they are going to need an additional $30,000 to cover their legal expenses – they have already raised close to $40,000

In a media release MAD said:

“We are now a month away from the start of the Ontario Land Tribunal (OLT) hearing (March 5) and our team has been hard at work in preparation. As previously communicated, our planner, Allan Ramsay, has provided his witness statement to the OLT, which is 56 pages long and available for review on our website.

Since the last update:

      • Millcroft Greens, the owner of the golf course property that have appealed a city decision not to approve the development, have submitted updated reports (M
      • City of Burlington, on a without prejudice basis, has submitted a report of draft plan conditions, which we expect will be finalized soon.
      • OLT hearing schedule has been finalized, with Allan Ramsay being one of the last witnesses to testify at the hearing.

Allan Ramsay has reviewed the foregoing and is in the process of preparing a reply witness statement on MAD’s behalf.

Now that we are closer to the OLT hearings and our professional advisors have provided us with more certainty in our strategy, MAD has developed a revised budget, which requires that we increase our fundraising goal from $40,000 to $70,000. The key reasons for the increase are:

      • For Allan to complete the reply witness statement and respond to the City of Burlington draft plan conditions.
      • For Allan to attend Millcroft Greens’ expert witness testimonies and all other parties’ witnesses that precede him
      • For the increased costs related to Allan Ramsay’s revised witness statement

The threat to the community is two-fold: Additional development and damage to the infrastructure that has to date limited flooding.

Thank you to those who have already donated. We encourage you to donate again if at all possible. To those who have not yet donated, we urge you to do so. This is our last chance to stop the destruction of our neighbourhood’s precious green space.

Donations are now critical

To make a donation

  • Donate through the MAD website
  • E-transfer to
  • Cheque

o          Make cheque payable to “Millcroft Against Development”

o          Mail or drop off at 2067 Hadfield Court, Burlington, Ontario, L7M 3V5.

o          For pickup, email

  • Tax Receipt Option – donate through Small Change Fund


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2 comments to MAD budget for Tribunal hearing jumps to $70,000

  • Syd

    I think municipalities across Ontario should pool their money to finance an investigation, followed by a public report, of the objectives, practices and decision outcomes of the OLT over time with the ultimate aim of scrapping it entirely.

  • Citizen's PLAN B

    Kudos to MAD for engaging urban planner Allan Ramsay, with whom we’ve worked in the past Most parties to an OLT hearing can expect to pay $100k-$250k.

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