MAD needs far more than they have raised: a possible 15-20% drop in housing prices doesn't appear to be much of a motivator

By Staff

September 29th, 2023



Millcroft Against Bad Development (MAD) reports they have been “hard at work since 2020, pulling together a unified community voice to oppose Millcroft Greens’ application to infill the heart of our community – the Millcroft golf course – with residential housing.

“Green space plays an important role in helping local wildlife flourish and in the overall harmony of the community we are all proud to call home.

“Local real estate agents predict a 15-20% drop in Millcroft housing prices if the Millcroft Greens development proceeds. Everyone in Millcroft will be impacted by this development, whether financially or otherwise, with the temporary closure of the golf course and years of construction. MAD believes this is just “phase one” of Millcroft Greens’ plan to put housing on the entire golf course, thereby removing almost all remaining green space in the neighbourhood. We must stop this from happening.

We are approaching the time at which a final, irreversible, and un-appealable decision will be made by the Ontario Land Tribunal. The hearings are scheduled for March 5, 2024 and MAD needs your financial support to raise an additional $40,000 to oppose Millcroft Greens’ application. We have tailored our approach to be expedient but also cost-efficient.

“The funds will predominantly be used to pay our professional advisors, Weir & Foulds and Allan Ramsay, to represent us at the hearings. If MAD is unable to raise these additional funds, we will unfortunately need to adjust our approach and reduce our participation, thereby having less of an impact at the hearings. We are grateful for the many individuals and companies who have already contributed to the cause.

The families that live in this unique community want to keep it just the way it is. Any changes could result in 15 to 20% devaluation of the properties.

The A & B locations, shown in yellow are the parts of the golf course the developer wants to build 98 homes on.

“Our participation at the hearings is vital. There is strength in numbers and our 6,000 supporters evidence a strong community voice. We must maintain our participant status at the hearings to voice the community’s opposition, to support the City, the Region, and Conversation Halton in their opposition, and to be a part of any negotiated settlement discussions.

“WeirFoulds is engaged as our legal counsel and has one of the preeminent land-use planning practices in Ontario. Allan Ramsey is engaged as the Planning Consultant, having over 30 years experience in land-use planning, policy development, development planning, and public consultation.

To date, we have raised over $75,000 (net of sign and calendar costs); however, these donations have come from just over 200 donors in a neighbourhood with 4,000 homes. We implore everyone to help as much as they are able for the betterment of our community as a whole.

To make a donation

·    Donate through our website

·    E-transfer to

·    Cheque

o  Mail or drop off at 2067 Hadfield Court, Burlington, Ontario, L7M 3V5.

o  For pickup, email

·    Tax Receipt Option – donate through Small Change Fund

We will recognize donors who have contributed over $500 in various levels of giving (ie. Diamond – $10,000 plus; Platinum – $5,000 plus; Gold – $2,500 plus; Silver – $1,000 plus; Bronze – $500 plus). In addition, those companies that contribute $500 plus will be recognized in all of our future mass communication emails.


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2 comments to MAD needs far more than they have raised: a possible 15-20% drop in housing prices doesn’t appear to be much of a motivator

  • Ted Gamble

    Count me out. Thousands of itsy bitsy condos coming to our area around Appleby GO. Same at Burlington and Aldershot GO. At least they are proposing low density housing for Millcroft. Count yourselves lucky.

    • Jim Thomson

      Little condos round the stations
      Little condos made of ticky tacky
      Little condos round the stations
      Little condos all the same

      Inspired by Malvina Reynolds