MAD needs funding if it is to be properly represented at OLT hearing - $40 thousand short at this point

By Pepper Parr

September 15th, 2023



An update on the preparations for the March Ontario Land Tribunal hearing on the development application to add close to 100 homes to the golf course site.

On Tuesday, September 26 at 9:30am, Burlington city council will consider a resolution to the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing to declare a provincial interest in preserving Millcroft’s greenspace.

If successful, such a resolution has the potential to halt the Ontario Land Tribunal hearing. However, we cannot rely on this option’s success exclusively.
In the event the resolution is passed, MAD will contact supporters to write to their local MPPs, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing, and the Premier in support of the resolution.

The OLT hearing’s confirmed parties are Millcroft Against Bad Development, City of Burlington, Region of Halton, Halton Conservation Authority, Millcroft Greenspace Alliance, and Millcroft Greens.

Each party has exchanged its witness list. Chantal Desereville of Weir Foulds (Legal Counsel) and Allan Ramsey (Land Use Planner) will represent MAD at the hearing.

The key dates for the OLT process are as follows:

October 13 – Meeting of party experts
October 27 – Statement of facts
November 24 – Exchange of witness statements, summoned witness outlines, expert reports
December 15 – Exchange of response to witness statements
March 5 – Hearing commences (expected to be 19 days)

Political opposition to the development
The City of Burlington, Region of Halton, and Halton Conservation all oppose the development application and will call several expert witnesses. MAD believes each of these parties will vigorously oppose the application and have the financial means to supply the appropriate experts. With close to 6,000 registered supporters, MAD has the political voice to make an impact at the OLT hearing.

MAD initiatives
Over the summer, MAD executives continued to engage with city Councilors and provincial MPPs to rally their support for our cause and explore pathways to halt the development prior to an OLT hearing. Due to our approximately 6,000 supporters, many Councilors, MPPs, and other politically significant people and groups now follow MAD on social media. We have also been working with our expert team, Allan Ramsey and Chantal Desereville, in preparing for the

OLT hearing.
MAD had a fundraising concert on Hadfield Court with the Torque classic rock band sponsored by Glen Bowker, which raised over $4,000. We have partnered with Small Change Fund to allow supporters to receive a charitable donation receipt for their contributions to our cause.

Mad’s participation at OLT – A Critical role
As the most directly impacted party at the hearing, it is critical that MAD present Allan Ramsey’s expert testimony on land use planning, with world-class legal counsel for opening statements and cross-examination. MAD, as the united community voice, is an indispensable party in ensuring any proposal reflects the best interests of the entire neighbourhood and city, should a negotiated solution be considered.

Funding the efforts

The projected cost of our participation at the OLT is $60,000. The majority of these costs will be related to our professional advisors, with the remainder to be spent on outreach and continued communication with our supporters. MAD has approximately $20,000 in reserve. Consequently, we need to raise $40,000. We believe this to be a realistic fundraising target. If we are unable to raise these funds, we will be unable to participate meaningfully at the OLT hearing.

Ways to donate
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o Mail or drop off at 2067 Hadfield Court, Burlington, Ontario, L7M 3V5.
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