Many of Mayor Meed Ward's campaign donours in the 2018 election took a pass in 2022

By Staff

April 17th, 2023



Donations to the Mayor Marianne Meed Ward 2022 election campaign were down significantly from 2018.

The competition for Mayor the second time around was much easier and likely many people felt they didn’t need to make a donation, and perhaps she didn’t work that hard to seek them out.

Marianne Meed Ward being sworn in the first time in 2018

However, it is notable that quite a large number of people who donated and were very close supporters in 2018 did not donate in 2022 regardless.

In 2022, she received 35 donations over $100.; 5 of those were from outside Burlington – interestingly, those 5 were among her larger donations: collectively, they total $3900.

The 35 donations in 2022 total $17,907.00

In 2018, she received 99 donations over $100. Only two of those were outside Burlington, and those two totalled $1494.

The 99 donations in 2018 totalled $46,300.00

Of those 99 donors in 2018, 11 of them donated again in 2022.

Contributions in goods and services in 2022 – 2 donations, totalling $1347.

Contributions in goods and services in 2018 – 27 donations, totalling $5,024.

Meed Ward received the maximum donation of $1200 from the spouse of Nick Leblovic, who sits on the Committee of Adjustment. This is only relevant with respect to the Integrity Commission complaint regarding Leblovic which council now must consider on Tuesday.

Mayor Meed Ward has always been close to Diane and Nick Leblovic. How she chooses to defend him at the Council meeting on Tuesday when the Integrity Commissioner appears to speak to his report and recommendation is an open question to many.

People are asking: Should the Mayor recuse herself due to this conflict?

Similarly, Meed Ward also received donations both in 2018 and 2022 from the resident at the Caroline Street address of the Complainant in this matter.

This address is listed on the relevant Heritage Committee Minutes from June 8, 2022, the date cited in the Integrity Report as the date the Heritage Impact Study was considered and approved by the Heritage Committee.

The Mayor received her 2022 election donation from the female homeowner at that same address on June 13, 2022.

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