Marsden supports McKenna for Regional Chair

By Pepper Parr

February  21st, 2022



The McKenna announcement that she would run for the Region of Halton Chair, was, we were pretty sure, to be followed by an announcement from Anne Marsden that she too would have her hat in the ring.

Anne Marsden during the 2014 municipal election campaign.

In the past Marsden has pulled in a very respect- able percentage  of the vote.

She surprised us with the following:

“Could not think of a better candidate for Halton Regional Chair than the Hon. Jane McKenna. She is very well informed on the Region issues that have been left to fester and become gangrenous under Carr’s blatant lack of leadership:

Official scam in terms of the claim that Burlington has a Region approved new Official Plan.

Halton’s diabolical infectious disease record that includes:

no accountability for the Halton MOH who failed to report death from West Nile Virus to Region,

no accountability for 91+ deaths and dozens of very sick people related to 10 month delay in tackling unreported C.Diff outbreak beginning weekend of April 8, 2006 at Joseph Brant, and

2018 Halton Region Councillor silence on encephalitis disease higher than Ont average

Halton taxpayers money used to build barriers rather than remove them as the law requires.

Halton police services lack of accountability in terms of vulnerable, elder and child abuse investigations.

Discriminatory practices in terms of the Halton Council delegation process that leaves vulnerable residents without a voice in Halton decision making.

Now all we need is for the appropriate Ministers to utilize the information put in their hands either directly or through Jane and set the ball rolling for her to clean up as she did after a Liberal candidate (sorry her name escapes us)  -( it was Eleanor McMahon) – interrupted the fine job she was doing as MPP beginning in 2014.

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3 comments to Marsden supports McKenna for Regional Chair

  • Dave Turner

    Why has Marsden not cited the most recent example of Regional Council’s neglect of duty. That example being the Council’s complete lack of any engagement with both Loblaw Cos and PepsiCo in resolving the Frit O Lay crisis. No word either from McKenna on this crisis. LOL

  • Mary Hill

    Two excellent reasons why not to vote for McKenna.

    Reason 1. Jane McKenna

    Reason 2. Anne Marsden

  • perryb

    Wow, too much caffeine in the coffee today I guess.