Mayor advises council that the city is not going to be the locale for huge parties in the parks

News 100 redBy Pepper Parr

June 10th, 2021



Parties of a thousand people will soon be held – but they are not here yet and they are not going to be held in this city this week said the Mayor.

The Mayor has been all over this one – in touch with HRPS, OPP, Fire department and the bylaw people.

The only thing that wasn’t done is call in the army.

Pan Am police coverage

When they are needed the Region can flood an area with police officers.

The Mayor had become aware that a large party was being planned – it was apparently picked up on social media.
At one point the Mayor said it looked like the party was going to show up in some other park – not Spencer Smith.

Then there was word that it could take place in some other community.

The event was all over social media and was being planned by a Burlingtonian.

Police have been in touch with that person and put the kibosh on that idea.

One can only wonder if the Mayor had suited up and was going to appear in battle fatigues.

Only in Burlington you say – best mid sized city in the country I’ll have you know.

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Not in Burlington – thank you

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2 comments to Mayor advises council that the city is not going to be the locale for huge parties in the parks

  • Penny Hersh

    All large gatherings – not only parties need to be handled in the same way.

    Ontario is just starting to loosen the Covid 19 restrictions. Only 10 people are allowed to be gathering together outside.

    The Covid 19 cases reported today in Ontario have risen again.

    This is the time to be vigilant as it has been reported that the variant “Delta” is of great concern and spreading around the world. Canada is not exempt, and very few people are totally vaccinated.

  • john

    Having read on another news source that no tickets were issued during last week’s huge gathering, is it any wonder that folks will go ahead and plan for another huge party this weekend? Thinking will be…there are no consequences so why not.

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