Mayor decides to try on transparency for size – it looked pretty good on him. He just might do that again.

By Pepper Parr

BURLINGTON, ON.   April 8, 2013  It was a rambunctious meeting.  City Council was preparing to vote on a decision made in committee to approve the Ghent Avenue development that will have 58 townhouses going into a space that formerly had 8 houses on it. More than 100 well-developed trees would be cut down

It was controversial when it was discussed in the community; it was controversial when it was discussed at council committee and it was no less controversial last night – it still passed – but not before council went into one of its longest closed sessions.

Several of the houses that were bought up for the development that has 8 such homes being replaced by a townhouse project with 58 residences.

Council knew this was not going to be a popular decision.  At the committee level it had asked for a legal opinion on the chances of this matter being appealed to the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB).  If Council decided to go against the Staff recommendation the city was certain the developer would take the matter to the OMB.  If Council approved the development the city felt the residents might appeal to the OMB.

Rambo Creek, which runs along the eastern edge of the properties assembled, was a point of considerable discussion as to how flooding would be controlled – the city was never quite on top of that issue either.

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