Mayor gives CHCH viewers a sample of her strut

By Pepper Parr

September 14th, 2023


The Mayor’s Strut has become a topic for local conversation.

Mayor gets it all moving as she talks about her strut – to be seen live at the hospital fund raiser at the Art Gallery on Friday.

Appearing on CHCH Morning Live the Mayor talked about her meeting with the Premier – we got her side of the story – how plans at the Bateman site were coming along, a development approved on the east side of Brant that met the kind of criteria the Mayor likes – 12 storeys – with a 26 story on the other side of the street.

She also said that the 7.82% budget increase was not what she had in mind – that she would work with Council to come up with something lower than that.  Refreshing news

The big issue for many of those watching the TV broadcast was the Mayor’s Strut.  She gave the viewing public a tease and a taste of what she can do.

The Strut was to promote the Red Carpet Charity and Runway Show taking place at the Art Gallery on Friday – a fund raiser for the Joseph Brant Hospital.

See what the Mayor can do when she wants to make a point. Scroll to minute 4:25


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