Mayor slammed by Councillor for turning something into yet another political circus for your own selfish gain.

By Pepper Parr

June 21st, 2022



The following are excerpt from a story the Gazette is doing on a vicious, vile debate between a member of Council and the Mayor.

The full story will appear later in the day.

Mayor Marianne Meed Ward

The Mayor : “A member of staff filed a complaint with the Integrity Commissioner against Councillor  Stolte that she violated several provisions of the council code of good governance. The recommended resolution to that complaint by the Integrity Commissioner was a public apology by the Councillor. The Apology has been agreed to by the staff member and the Councillor. The details of the complaint and resolution are included in a disposition letter from the Integrity Commissioner.

Councillor Shawna Stolte

Stolte then said: “Mayor, I do believe that you understand protocol that a point of order, which has now turned into a point of privilege is to be dealt with before you continue with your remarks. I was really hoping to not have to say this today but I actually have prepared a statement because unfortunately I was expecting this. This is entirely unprofessional and inappropriate for you to be discussing this matter.

While there was a complaint made to the commissioner the Integrity Commissioner deemed that it was not appropriate to come before Council in the form of a report which it sounds as though you have taken it upon yourself to do of your own accord. That’s entirely unprofessional. The only reason why this is being made public is because of a private agreement that I made a promise to a staff member that I wanted to rectify.

It’s a private agreement between a staff member and myself that has been agreed upon. I will be dealing with it during statements by members as you were already informed. As I said it’s entirely inappropriate that you make an attempt to bring that forward now and turn it into yet another political circus for your own selfish gain. And I think you should be ashamed of yourself.

“Thank you, Councillor,” said the Mayor.

The balance of this very sad day for city council will be published later today.

Stolte did not read out her apology – she instead walked out of the Council Chamber.

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5 comments to Mayor slammed by Councillor for turning something into yet another political circus for your own selfish gain.

  • Pamela Cowan

    We need a “cleanse”. This appalling Mean Girls behaviour is demeaning to Burlington residents most all of who deserve professional behaviour from their Mayor and council. Is this as good as it gets? I believe that the smallest city in Canada is currently better served than we are. HELP!

  • Sharon

    Marianne Meed Ward definitely needs to go. She has no idea how to be Mayor. It’s a power thing for her. A Mayor does not bully Councillors, But some of us knew MMW was a bully long before she was Mayor.

  • Lisa Cooper

    It seems to me the only one with integrity and transparency on this council is Councillor Stolte. The rest treat council as kindergarten where the bully runs the playground. Councillor Stolte took the repercussions of her actions with grace and dignity unlike the two councillor’s that ratted her out (Galbraith and Nissan) I truly hope for the sake of Burlington that Councillor Stolte throws her hat in for Mayor. I for one would vote for her as I think many others in Burlington. Enough of the clown show council. I would be delighted for her to win and put this council back on the right track for Burlington.

  • Penny Hersh

    I watched what took place and was totally appalled. It was obvious yet again that the mayor has made it her business to demean Councillor Stolte, and to make certain it was on the record.

    While this sorry display was taking place, other than Councillor Kearns who attempted to try to stop this, all the other councillors were mute. Why, would they sit back and allow the mayor go after a fellow councillor? Don’t they realize they could be next?

    Councillor Stolte kept her cool and indeed walked out of the meeting after stating that what was happening was out of order and that a resolution had already been reached by herself and the staff member, and this would be discussed in the councillor’s comments.

    So the question needs to be asked why did the mayor go after the councillor in this manner, and what did she hope to gain?

    Residents of Burlington should be offended by this public display.

  • craig Gardner

    Each time thee current Mayor speaks it seems she seals her fate in the fall election. We all must remember this vote accordingly and inform others. A council with a mayor such as this will accomplish nothing for us the citizens we must elect a council that wants to work together and accompl,ish great things for the city. A couple of councillors need be voted out too for their political hi-jimlks and lack of respect for the voters.